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Why did we choose Yunnan Baiyao to start our Partner Program with Veterinarians, and why should you join?


Our program was developed with veterinarians in mind.


Yunnan Baiyao is a natural hemostatic used to control and stop bleeding and extend the life of dogs with bleeding cancers.

Trusted by veterinarians, including the University of Colorado Veterinary Medicine, Yunnan Baiyao is our best selling product and a favorite of pet owners who want to improve the quality of life and longevity of their furry friends.

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Our very active 11 year old dobie was diagnosed with a bleeding splenic mass. The emergency hospital said surgery would buy him 1 to 3 months. After a consult with our holistic vet we decided against that and went with his recommendations which included the YB as a must daily. He recovered and has been himself for the last 9 months. He had a little episode last weekend, we gave him one of the little red power pills and he is back at it....we feel this product is one of the main reasons he is playing in the mud right now, thank you!

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Help Your Patients with Cancer Live Longer

Owners of pets with cancerous tumors have discovered that Yunnan Baiyao prolongs the life of their pets by stemming the destructive internal bleeding the tumors cause that are often the ultimate cause of death, not the cancer itself. With the help of Yunnan Baiyao pets live months, sometimes up to a year longer in greater comfort. 


In September my dog was given a month to live. She suffers from a cancerous tumor that bleeds and put her into shock. A caring and kind veterinary clinician gave me this product to start while I waited for my order to be shipped. My beagle is doing well on this product for the past 7 months and is completely herself. Great appetite, and active. I highly recommend this product as it has been the only remedy that has allowed her to continue to live a normal life. We opted for this treatment over surgery that was extremely high risk and hope for continued success. I highly recommend this product for your pet.

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You too can help your client’s furry family members live longer and with more comfort by prescribing and offering Yunnan Baiyao right in your office.

Best Value Yunnan Baiyao is Available to Partner Program Members at Wholesale

Yunnan Baiao is a proprietary traditional Chinese medicine formula that has been in use for its hemostatic properties by herbalists, traditional Chinese and alternative medicine practitioners and veterinarians with human patients and pets. Yunnan Baiyao helps stop internal bleeding, helps pain management, improves quality of life, energy and appetite.  

Currently Yunnan Baiao  is our bestseller product and we have thousands of happy customers grateful to be able to snuggle their pets for a bit longer. We want to help you spread bring this amazing remedy to your practice, help your clients and their pets.

Our 12 yr old poodle terrier mix, Rudy, was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. He was not a surgical candidate. Rudy bled internally one night and almost died. We went to our Vet. She did a quick ultrasound and aspirated blood from his abdomen. She estimated Rudy would hemorrhage again soon and die. She mentioned this drug as a possibility to try. Rudy is still with us and doing well. He had his yearly check up in August. The Vet was very surprised to see him. I highly recommend this amazing compound and also am very grateful to our fabulous Vet.

We offer the original Yunnan Baiao at a price that will allow you to offer it at a great value to your customers and generate revenue for your own business.

Best Chinese Medicines: Partnership & Wholesale with Credibility and Trust

We take pride in our transparency with consumers and stand behind the quality and freshness of the products we sell, something that is always key since the freshest herbs have the greatest potency, and lose potency the longer they sit on the shelf. You can trust us with timely delivery and our supply is guaranteed fresh at the start of their shelf life.

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