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Kai Kit Tablet - Prostate Formula | Best Chinese Medicines

Kai Kit Pill - Prostate Formula

$ 5.99

Kai Kit Tablet - Prostate Formula

This is a famous formula that has been specifically designed with Chinese herbs for the treatment of prostatitis. Possible symptoms of this condition are as follows:

  • Painful urination 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Night time urination 

Please consult a doctor before taking any herbs.


Herbal Ingredients found in Kai Kit Tablet - Prostate Formula:

  • Astragalus (Root) 
  • Codonopsis (root) 
  • Achyranthes (root) 
  • Japanese Dodder (seed) 
  • Ligustrum (fruit) 
  • Rehmannia (unprocessed root tuber) 
  • Asian water plantain (rhizome)

As a dietary supplement, take 3-6 Tablets 2-3 times a day.

60 Tablets per bottle.

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