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Bringing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used successfully for thousands of years in Asia, but it remains a mystery to many people in the West.

Best Chinese Medicines is here to make using TCM remedies simpler and more accessible to you. How? We stock only the best TCM herbs and share educational resources from certified TCM practitioners to empower you in your wellness journey.

Meet Our Team

At Best Chinese Medicines, our experienced team is on a mission to help you find relief and live healthier through the power of Chinese herbal medicine.

Gretchen Synclaire Avatar

Gretchen Synclaire


John Staversky, Certified Clinical Herbalist Avatar

John Staversky,
Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH)

Chief Herbalist & Content Reviewer

John Staversky is a clinical herbalist who has been part of the Best Chinese Medicines team for over 7 years. His vast knowledge of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas has helped us create accurate and safe dosing instructions, develop the Chinese Herbal Dictionary, and provide useful content on our blog.

John also acts as our Chief Herbalist, consulting customers on which herbal product is right for them. His favorite thing about working with Chinese medicine is being able to help people identify their patterns of imbalance and coach them on the steps they can take to work toward better health.

As John puts it, “All of us are out of balance in one way or another, but Chinese Medicine gives us a way to look at the overall picture of health and do something about it. It’s not a magic bullet, but it can have some impressive results!”

Kaitlan Downes, MSAOM, L.AC Avatar

Kate Downes,

Content Writer & Educator

Kate Downes is a Chinese medicine practitioner and wellness writer with over a decade of experience working with Chinese herbs. She has been a contributing writer to the Best Chinese Medicines Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life Blog since 2019.

Kate believes that Chinese medicine not only offers us natural solutions to some of our trickiest health problems but also a better way to see our health and bodies more clearly. Rather than focus on fighting with our bodies, Chinese medicine encourages us to listen to the signs our body sends and create an environment that promotes balance.

Through her writing, Kate hopes to clear away the mystery of Chinese medicine and invite you to try a natural approach to healing.

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Rhys Clark

Shipping Superstar

Rhys Clark is our packing and shipping superstar, ensuring you get the TCM products you need safely and on time!

How We Help

Our mission is to help you thrive.


Shop our range of TCM formulas, Teas, Tinctures, Medicinal Mushrooms, & Topicals.


Discover Chinese medicine through our blog and Chinese Herbal Dictionary.


Book a consultation with our certified herbalist for individualized guidance.

Resealable pouch of root and spring tea.

Why Chinese Medicine?

Lasting relief starts at the root. 

You’re ready to live a healthy life, free from the symptoms that keep you up at night. The trouble is, finding the right solution to your health issues isn’t always easy.

Maybe conventional medicine didn’t for you…Maybe your prescription drugs leave you with unwanted side effects… Maybe nothing you try gives you the lasting relief you need…

There is a reason other treatments aren’t working for you. They only treat the symptoms and ignore the root cause of your problems.

That’s where Chinese medicine is different. Unlike Western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) addresses your body’s overall imbalances to stop your symptoms and prevent them from returning.

  • Get symptom relief
  • Prevent future illness
  • Boost immunity
  • Build resilience to stress
  • Enjoy optimal health

Ready to live a healthier life, naturally?

Are you ready to stop letting symptoms and side effects stand in the way of the vibrant life you deserve? It’s time to restore your health from the root with the wisdom of Chinese medicine.