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Bao He Wan - Balanex Extract - Kingsway (KGS) Brand

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Product Description

Bao He Wan – Balanex Extract

Bao He Wan is an excellent Chinese Herbal Medicine formula for when you’ve overeaten. It gives your stomach the energy to digest the food you’ve eaten. If after you’ve eaten a big meal (think Thanksgiving Day meal) and you have any of the following issues;

  • abdominal distention
  • belching
  • heaviness in the stomach
  • acid regurgitation
  • constipation or diarrhea

This works great for motion sickness, too! This can help calm your stomach, so bring along a box or two on your next car trip, flight, or cruise. Also, check out Curing Teapills or Po Chai for upset stomach and nausea.

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Reviews From Our Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Brand
Great Stomach Medicine

Great relief for bloated,sour, and upset stomach!

Meryl Huckabey
Great Bao He Wan

Good quality Chinese meds with swift delivery.
Who could ask for more?

Bao He Wan

Effective in maintaining healthy digestion and a great value!

David Addona

Bao He Wan - Balanex Extract - Kingsway (KGS) Brand

Thank you David for your feedback!

Rashid/ Abdul-Ghani
Effective extracts in a bottle

For years, I have utilized herbs & mushrooms in the form of liquid extracts and capsules to meet our health needs. What I like about the herbal extract 'Bao He Wan', is its effectiveness in addressing digestive problems immediately. The problem of working with herbs, unless you are growing them,their effectiveness is always in question. By the way, my wife "loves" Bao He Wan and it's price is affordable.

Rashid, Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate hearing from you.