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Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa Root) is a natural detoxifier, helping clean and drain lymph. It also aids liver detox, helps with skin issues, and aids the development of a healthy gut biome. Amount: varies: 1 oz. = approximately 10 days supply at bottle dosage.

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This product: Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

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Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa Root) Liquid Tincture:

Burdock Root is a widely known and cherished herb among herbalists for its ability to assist the body with detoxification in various ways– by cleaning the lymphatic system, by functioning as a diaphoretic agent (i.e. it induces sweating), and as a diuretic (i.e. it helps move out toxins through the urine). It also travels to the Liver channel where its bitter taste helps the liver flush away toxins with more speed and ease. Read below for more detailed info on this herb:

Supports the lymphatic system: Burdock root stimulates lymphatic drainage and detoxification. The lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues that that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Its primary function is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. By helping the body clean and detoxify this system, burdock root supports the immune system to help ward off all a whole host of serious health issues.

Helps the body eliminate metabolic waste products and other external toxins by inducing diaphoresis (sweating) and promoting urination (so remember to stay hydrated while using this herb in your supplementation regimen).

Aids gut health: Burdock root contains a substance called inulin, which is a a soluble and prebiotic fibre that helps improve digestion. It acts as “food” which nourishes and helps balance a healthy gut biome. Burdock root also contains mucilage, which acts as a protection for the mucous membrane layer of the stomach. This characteristic of burdock root is especially useful if it has been damaged by acidity or inflammation.

Liver Detox: As mentioned before, Burdock root stimulates the production of bile and helps bolster the Liver’s function of cleaning toxins from the blood and other fluids of the body.

Anti-oxidants: Burdock root contains whole host of anti-oxidants, which help to rid the body of potentially cancer-causing free radicals produced by normal metabolic processes. The high antioxidant count in this root has also been shown to help lower inflammation and swelling, including joint issues such as arthritis.

Skin Issues: Burdock root has been historically used as a remedy for many skin problems. This is due to plant chemicals found in burdock root known as “polyacetylenes”, which have anti-fungal and antibiotic qualities. This is especially useful in cases of acne, helping to fight off acne causing bacteria such as streptococcus. Burdock root also acts on the blood and circulatory system and contains active compounds (such as arctiin and lignans) which have matrix-stimulating properties, thus promoting supple and younger looking skin. Burdock root can also be beneficial for eczema due to its blood purifying activity.






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