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Foshan Pe Min Kan - for Allergies and Sinuses (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

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Product Description

What is Foshan Pe Min Kan?

Arise and bask in the blooming beauty of the natural world the way you were always meant to. Pe Min Kan Wan (Bin Min Gan Wan) draws on the wisdom of natural Chinese Medicine to provide a bolstering blend of herbs designed to support your system during allergy season.

Imagine a therapeutic approach to allergy and respiratory health that doesn?t depend on the pharmacological, drug-based treatment regimens associated with modern Western medicine. With so many negative side-effects coming from these pharmaceutical drug treatment options, many find themselves seeking a more holistic approach to managing health and wellness.

The Breath Natural formula descends from the herbal healing wisdom of ancient China and relies on thousands of years of knowledge and practice to strengthen the respiratory system and keep the challenges of cold, flu and allergy season at bay.

If you find yourself among the many suffering from Spring or Fall allergies, you?ll want to begin to fortify your system with Pe Min Kan Wan 3-4 weeks before allergy season begins and continue supplementing daily for the duration of the season.

Pe Min Kan Wan (Bi Min Gan Wan) treats conditions and symptoms

  • Acute or chronic sinus congestion with thick yellow nasal discharge
  • Heat & redness around sinus cavities
  • Sinus pain or headaches
  • Post-nasal drip

Pe Min Kan Wan Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Function

  •  Dispel pathogenic wind, turbidity, damp
  • Clear heat & phlegm

Lung and respiratory function are tied to the elemental quality Metal of the Five Phases.

Join the millions of people achieving balance and reinvigorating their health through the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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