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Jiaogulan Tea – by Sheng Tang San

Jiaogulan tea provide an easy way to benefit from the myriad of positive effects of this herb on the body. Just steep in hot water and enjoy!


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Herbal Ingredients:

Directions for Use:

Steep one teabag in hot water for 3-5 minutes and enjoy!

Amount: 40 teabags per box (80g)

What is Jiaogulan Tea – by Sheng Tang San:

Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma japonica) is a popular and widely researched herb that grows native in Southern China and down into semi-tropical climes of Southeast Asia. In short, it is an adaptogen (that is, it modulates and balances the body’s metabolic and life-sustaining systems depending on what they need at any particular time). Among the amazing qualities of Jiaogulan herb: it benefits the heart, the kidneys, helps lower blood lipid levels, benefits the skin and hair, helps regulate metabolism, mood/anxiety, sleep, breathing, etc… and there are so many more that you can research and learn about on your own!

The tea itself is has slight green tinge to it when prepared. It is fragrant, slightly bitter, and sweet in the throat and a lovely way to introduce the health promoting effects of this wonderful plant.


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Have a Question about Jiaogulan Tea – by Sheng Tang San?