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Luobuma Jiangya Pian - Dogbane Combo Tablets (OUT OF STOCK)

Luobuma Jiangya Pian, or Dogbane Combo Tablets is a modern formula designed to help normalize blood pressure. 100 tablets per bottle.

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Product Description

Dogbane Combo Tablets – Luobuma Jiangya Pian

Luobuma Jiangya Pian, or Dogbane Combo Tablets is a modern formula designed to help normalize blood pressure. Helpful for people with hypertension (high blood pressure), elevated lipids / triglycerides, headaches, and dizziness.

Up until recently, Luo Bu Ma was a folk medicinal mostly found and drunk as a healthy beverage tea in Inner Mongolia. However, this medicinal recently has been found to lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol at the same time as raising high density (good) cholesterol, reduce edema due either to kidney or heart dysfunction, enhance immunity, fight against anxiety and promote longevity.

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Customer Reviews

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Julie P

I like them

Ellen Bruecker
If it works l will keep using it.

I have no complaints. I am very partial to the Chinese. My daughter is adopted from China.

Dogbane Combo Tablets

Each day I take seven 350 mg tablets every 3 hours starting at 9:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm. Prescriptions make my feet and legs swell. Dogbane pills are a blessing from my 3-in-1 God in heaven! I worked out my own amount of pills and the timing to take them. I highly recommend them.

Marie thank you for sharing your routine with us. We appreciate hearing from you.

Jadwiga Wasilewska-Janczuk

I ordered and received 300 pills. Did You expected me to swallow them at once or use as directed? Do You want to get the honest answer? Please wait - I must be sure how my bodies reaction will be after the whole order 300 pills I will intake. Actually, I was thinking about to make a phone call to the Kingsway Trading Inc. next week with a question before I decide to repeat the order: "For how long it is OK to take those pills after my bodies will have 300 pills in the system already" = can you let me know now? Also please be noted that I did NOT get the discount as it was advertised. BEST REGARDS - Thanks

Thank you for your feedback-- please email customer support at [email protected] with general questions regarding the formula you purchased and we would be glad to address your concerns.

mike xavier
Dogbane Combo Tablets - Luobuma Juangya Pian

Great item & fast delivery. Highly recommend this seller.

Thank you for your feedback!!!