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Plum Flower - Five Flavor Teapills - Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan

Plum Flower – Five Flavor Teapills clears heat toxins and reduces swelling to address sores, carbuncles, and other swellings with accompanying fever. This strong anti-microbial nature also addresses a variety of bacterial and viral infections.

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plum flower five flavor teapills wu wei xiao du wan 1 + plum flower yin chiao chieh tu pien yin qiao wan yin qiao cold and flu 1 + Plum Flower - Curing PIlls (10-packets) | Mayway | Best Chinese Medicines
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Product Description

What is Plum Flower – Five Flavor Teapills (Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan)?

Plum Flower – Five Flavor Teapills (Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan) is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula that clears heat toxins and disperses swelling. It is most often recommended for use with those with sores, boils, and abscesses that are accompanied by fever. Sores helped by use of this formula will present with heat signs such as redness, tenderness to the touch, and swelling. This formula is especially helpful to help disperse deep, hard lesions.

Five Flavor Teapills also has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects and is appropriate for use in such clinical presentations as mastitis, urinary tract or kidney infection, and upper respiratory and throat infections– especially those that show stubborn resistance to treatment with Western antibiotics (with the addition of Huang Lian (coptis root) in especially severe cases).

Also useful to address various viral infections such as tonsilitis, measles, chicken pox, and mumps.



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i am amazed at how well these work. They really do kill bacteria and viruses.

Thank you for your feedback!!