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Plum Flower - Soothe Liver Teapills (Shu Gan Wan)

Plum Flower – Soothe Liver Teapills addresses various digestive/gastric problems (e.g. reflux, GERD, abdominal bloating) when these symptoms are caused by Liver qi stagnation.

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Product Description

What is Plum Flower – Soothe Liver Teapills (Shu Gan Wan):

Plum Flower – Soothe Liver Teapills (Shu Gan Wan) is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula designed to move stagnated Liver qi and regulate the Stomach. This formula may be helpful to alleviate the following general symptoms of Liver qi stagnation*, such as:

  • Abdominal pain and/or bloating (when not due solely to food stagnation)
  • hypochondriac pain (i.e. pain (often sharp) just below the rib cage or in the flanks)
  • gastric “disturbances” of one sort or another– heartburn, acid reflux, poor digestion, irregular bowel movements etc…
  • expressions of “blocked” emotions, such as frustration, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness etc…
  • gynnecological complaints (i.e. PMS symptomology, although Shu Gan Wan is specifically formulated for complaints that center around dysregulation of the Stomach– see below))

In TCM theory, the Liver and the Stomach are related to each other. One function of the Liver is to regulate (or move) qi throughout the entire body. When this function is blocked and Liver qi stagnates, it can “spill over” and lead to a condition known as “Liver attacking Spleen/Stomach”. In these cases, the excess of qi goes into the Spleen and Stomach as causes imbalances that may present with such additional symptoms* as:

  • acid reurgitation/GERD
  • gastric upset (perhaps “queasiness”) and nausea
  • vomiting
  • excessive belching (note that a foul smell points to food stagnation)

Plum Flower Soothe Liver Teapills (Shu Gan Wan) is indicated for this condition of “Liver attacking Spleen and Stomach” in which both sets of symptoms are presenting simultaneously (i.e. some of the general symptoms of Liver qi stagnation and gastric disturbances of some sort).

Practitioner note: Shu Gan Wan treats patterns of pure excess (it contains 6 herbs that move Liver qi and blood and 10 herbs that descend Stomach qi and damp). Mixed patterns may be better addressed by Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan, which is a broad purpose formula to address Liver qi and blood imbalances. Patterns with food stagnation as a root cause call for a formula like Bao He Wan to properly address. Follow this link to Dr Jake Fratkin’s website to read the full article on this subject.

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Plum Flower - Soothe Liver Teapills (Shu Gan Wan)