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Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang - Liquid Extract (Tincture) - (SPECIAL ORDER - Allow 10 - 14 Days to Ship)

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What is Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang?

Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula that powerfully clears inflammation from the lung and dissolves phlegm. Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang is indicated when lung fluids congeal. This results in a cough with thick, yellow phlegm that is difficult to expectorate. In severe cases, patients with this pattern presentation may also experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

Internal inflammation also damages and obstructs the midsection of the body. This further contributes to phlegm formation and can cause nausea, a feeling of fullness in the chest and epigastrium, or abdominal bloating.

Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang is used for cases in which the tongue and pulse show signs of inflammation and phlegm. The tongue will be red with a greasy and yellow coating. The pulse will be rapid and slippery.

Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang is an important classical TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) formula for clearing phlegm-heat from the Lungs and for relieving cough and certain respiratory conditions. Today, Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang may be used for such biomedically defined disorders as asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia (with the appropriate presentation).

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