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Wenxin Keli – by Buchang

Wenxin Keli for arrhythmias, restless heart palpitations, shortness of breath and fatigue, dizziness and palpitations, chest pain and oppression, ventricular contractions, atrial premature beats and other cardiovascular disease. Amount: 9pk/45g (9pks of 5g each).

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paul henry

I am very unhappy they add aspartame to the pactages is their another company that makes WANXIN KELI in a form without addatives?




After using Wenxin Keli, I have noticed a significant decrease in heart palpitations. Thank you Best Chinese Medicines for providing this product.


Chris H.

WenXin Keli

Take this for A-fib it does seem to help, If I do have an episode it is not as intense and more manageable, will definitely continue to use the product. Thanks for the fast shipping and great products.

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Box of 9 packets, chinese text.
This product: Wenxin Keli – by Buchang

Box of 20 tea bags, 100% natural herbal supplement, naturally caffeine free, non-GMO project verified. Net weight 1.06 ounces, or 30 grams.


Image of Dan Shen Pian, Sugar Free Coating by KGS


Pack of six yellow boxes.


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What is Wenxin Keli?

Wenxin Keli is a formally approved TCM, which has been widely used as an alternative approach for cardiac arrhythmias in China, and several recent experimental studies have demonstrated that it is a significantly effective treatment for cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac inflammation, and chronic heart failure.

In terms of TCM, it is indicated in cases with dual qi and yin deficiency (with concomitant Heart Blood stasis pattern) manifesting as palpitations, shortness of breath, listlessness, dizziness, vexation, insomnia, chest distress, and chest pain.


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