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Chinese Medicine Basics: Treating Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are most often the result of excessive straining during bowel movements, pregnancy or childbirth, sitting for long periods of time, and irregular digestion. Chinese medicine works to relieve both the symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids.

Constipation & Hemorrhoids
Chronic constipation is a key cause of hemorrhoids. Dry, hard, or painful bowel movements can require too much straining, which then leads to increased pressure and bulging of the veins around the anus. To combat hemorrhoids due to constipation, Chinese medicine first looks at the root cause of the constipation. In many cases, there is a lack of yin fluids or qi to have a healthy bowel movement.

Chinese Herbs for Postpartum Care Help for Hemorrhoids
Women are particularly susceptible to developing hemorrhoids while pregnant or after they deliver their baby. This is caused by the great increase in pressure on the lower abdomen and the straining that occurs in labor. Thankfully, while pregnancy-related hemorrhoids are not always avoidable, they do respond well to Chinese herbal medicine.

Stagnation & Hemorrhoids
Stagnation from a sedentary lifestyle is also believed to be a major cause of hemorrhoids. Many people work sitting at a desk all day, then spend their down time sitting or lying down at home. Not enough daily movement leads to stagnation, a problem that causes many health concerns including painful hemorrhoids.

Major Organ Systems in Chinese Medicine & Hemorrhoids:

Spleen, Stomach, and Small Intestine
These are the main organs of digestion, with the Large Intestine being the main organ of waste removal. It is up to these organs to ensure healthy and smooth digestive process, from the intake of food to the final excretion process in the colon. If these organs are weak or stagnant, constipation can be a result. The Spleen is given special attention, as it has the job of “uplifting.” When organs prolapse or the body “falls” (such as with the fallen veins of the anus), the Spleen must be strengthened.

Large Intestine
The Large Intestine has a similar job in Chinese medicine as in conventional medicine: to eliminate waste. A weak, dry, or hot Large Intestine, however, can lead to constipation and painful bowel movements

Common Hemorrhoid Treatments in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine uses herbal formulas, sitz baths, dietary therapy, and acupuncture to treat hemorrhoids. Special sitz baths can be made with Chinese herbs that focus on healing the hemorrhoid and anal tissue while relieve pain. Dietary therapy is a key strategy for addressing hemorrhoids because of the crucial link between hemorrhoids and constipation. With proper diet, we can improve the digestive process, strengthen the Spleen, moisten the Large Intestine, and eliminate the need to strain. Acupuncture is used on some occasions to improve the digestion and relieve pain.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Hemorrhoids

Herbal medicine is one of the best ways to attack hemorrhoids. Chinese medicine offers both internal and external formulas to help eliminate these painful bulges while also strengthening the digestive system to prevent future issues. Topical treatments can be applied to the affected area to help relieve discomfort.

Special Chinese Herbal Products for Hemorrhoids

The following are a few popular herbs and formulas for hemorrhoids.

She chuang zi/ Fructus cnidii: She chuang zi is known for its ability to relieve itching and pain. This is the main herb used for hemorrhoid sitz baths.

Mayinglong Musk Ointment or Suppositories: This topical ointment is key for hemorrhoids that are painful, bleeding, or have fissures. The herbs used in this formula are known for their strong aromatic and healing properties.

Phargelin (Hua Zhi Ling Wan): Phargelin is a special internal herbal formula that has shown amazing results for hemorrhoids. It can be used in the early stages to prevent a full hemorrhoid or after a hemorrhoid has formed to quicken the healing and relieve pain.

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