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Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root) is often used to address conditions related to Heat-toxin in the body, such as sore throat, fever, and other symptoms of infection. This remedy has a cooling effect and is traditionally used to clear heat and detoxify. Amount: 1 oz.

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What is Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root)

Ban Lan Gen  is the famous Isatis Root Extract is probably the most popular antiviral herb used in Chinese Herbal Medicine common cold formulas. Ban Lan Gen, commonly called Isatis Root or Dyers Woad Root/Leaf, can be used to prevent multiple viral infections, including the common cold, fevers, and other infections of the nose, throat, and sinuses (upper respiratory tract infections).

Take Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root) for the following:

Dosage Instructions:

For topical Psoriasis treatment, mix Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root) in olive oil and apply to the fingernails and the skin beneath the edge of the nail twice daily for 24 weeks.

Amount: 1 oz.

Herbal Ingredients found in Ban Lan Gen – Isatis Root

Items in this category are concentrated herbal teas, most have been prepared via hot water extraction. Some items are prepared via Hydro-ethanolic extractions. Most items in this category contain ethyl alcohol at 20% by volume for preservation and rapid absorption. Alcohol can be evaporated by placing extracts into hot water and steeping for about 5 minutes.

Amount: 1 oz.

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