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Common Cold Combo – by Lao Wei

Common Cold Combo – by Lao Wei helps tamps down cough, clear up excess mucus in the lungs and stomach, and addresses nausea & vomiting. Amount: 50 tablets (~ 6 days supply).

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This product: Common Cold Combo – by Lao Wei

Bottle of syrup, with chinese and english text.


Blue and green striped box of Golden Throat Lozenges, distributed by Solstice Medicine. Pack of 12 lozenges.


Yunnan Baiyao tincture box, fifty millilitres, chinese characters only

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Common Cold Combo – by Lao Wei:

Common Cold Combo – by LM Herbs is a Chinese Medicine herbal formula that helps restore the body’s natural balance, speed recovery from seasonal colds, and help stop cough that is producing significant amount of mucus discharge. It also contains herbs which aid in calming digestive processes when they are roiled up from an excess of phlegm/mucus– so it is a good choice when upset stomach/nausea and vomiting are also presenting as symptoms.

What is Common Cold Combo helpful for:

  • restoring balance when the body is exhibiting cold & flu symptoms
  • quelling cough, especially cough that is producing lots of mucus
  • calming symptoms of nausea and vomiting (for example “stomach flu”)

n.b. this formula dries excess phlegm and is not suggested for use with the symptoms of dry cough or constipation presenting


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