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Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Loquat Cough Syrup

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Loquat Cough Syrup contains a blend of herbal ingredients, including loquat fruit, honey, fritillaria, and other herbs. It’s known for its soothing properties on sore throats and coughs, making it a go-to remedy during cold and flu seasons. Amount: 10 fl oz (300 ml – family size).

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Very good

I like the taste.


Bobby Seuraj

Excellent product

After using several products for a severe cough, this was the best and only one that took away my cough…it is a great tasting syrup.


Janet Graham

Great for coughs!

When I tried this for the first time I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did it taste good, it actually worked.

Frequently purchased with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Loquat Cough Syrup

Bottle of syrup, with chinese and english text.
This product: Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Loquat Cough Syrup

Yellow and red box of five yunnan baiyao pain patches, also called pain plasters. English and chinese text.


Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


Amber bottle with chinese and english text containing 4 grams of yunnan baiyao powder.


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What Is Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – Loquat Cough Syrup?

(Also called Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao, King To Jiom Pei Pa Koa)

Ask almost any Chinese person what is the best cure for a cough and they will most likely tell you Pei Pa Koa. This 100% all-natural fritillary and loquat soothing syrup is a traditional Chinese natural herbal throat demulcent and expectorant used for the relief of sore throat, coughs, hoarseness, loss of voice, bronchitis, smoker’s cough, asthma, or dry mouth.

Use Nin Jiom Pe Pa Koa for the following conditions:

  • Persistent cough
  • Phlegm
  • Sore throat

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