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Gan Cao (Raw Licorice Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Gan Cao Tang (Licorice Root) is a qi tonic used to promote healthy digestion, relieve pain, and act as a detox agent. Amount: 1 oz. (About 10 days supply).

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Frequently purchased with Gan Cao (Raw Licorice Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Eyedropper-top tincture bottle containing 1 fluid ounce (30 milliliters) of Raw Licorice Root (Gan Cao) by root + spring.
This product: Gan Cao (Raw Licorice Root) – Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


Box of 10 vials of herbal supplement pills, each vial 0.067 ounce or 1.89 grams. English and chinese text.


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What is Gan Cao Tang (Raw Licorice Root Liquid Tincture):

Gan Cao Tang (Raw Licorice Root Liquid Tincture) is a qi tonic which has a wide variety of actions:

  • it promotes efficient digestion— its sweet taste takes it to the Spleen where it builds qi/helps the body better process food and extract nutrients
  • it soothes muscle cramps and spasms of smooth muscle (i.e. relieves pain in certain contexts– see Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang formula)
  • moistens the Lung to address dry cough and wheezing (on the intake of breath)
  • clears heat and eliminates toxins— used topically for skin conditions such as lesions, erysipelas, eczema with redness and itching, etc… so in this context, you might add a bit of the liquid extract to a cream or lotion you are using to deal with a skin problem.
  • clears heat and eliminates toxins (2)— Use internally for sore throat and also as an antidote to a variety of different kinds of poisonings, (including food, herbs, herbicides and pesticide, drugs, and heavy metals)
  • it travels to all 12 acupuncture meridians in the body; because of the quality, Gan cao is widely used as a “harmonizer”. In other words, it is added to a formula recipe when there are many different herbs w/many different actions that need an outside agent to get them to blend together well and work their synergistic magic (gets them to “co-operate”, so to speak!). Gan cao is the go-to herb for this in Chinese Medicine. So, you might find this tincture useful if you are taking a lot of different supplements and you want a little something that helps meld them together and spread their effects more evenly throughout your body.

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