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Min Shan - Platycodon Teapills (Jie Geng Wan)

Platycodon teapills ventilates the Lung to address are used for a wide variety of Lung presentations– most commonly for cough with profuse sputum, chest congestion/constriction, and hoarseness/loss of voice.

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Product Description

Min Shan – Platycodon Teapills – Jie Geng Wan

Platycodon Teapills are used for lung issues such as coughs and bronchitis — when there is a lot of phlegm. This formulation contains platycodon, which helps clear the lungs and calm coughs, as well as heal the lungs.*

Platycodon Treats Conditions and Symptoms

  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Pulmonary Abscess (expels pus)

200 Teapills per bottle (about 8 days’ worth)

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Great product!
Jie Geng Wan
Thank you John for your feedback!
Thank you for your feedback. Jie Geng Wan (Platycodon) works best to 'dispel phlegm' when the cough is 'rattle-like' and accompanied by labored breathing. We recommend seeing a qualified TCM practitioner to help you choose the correct formula for your specific pattern of imbalances and wish you the best in your search for balanced health.