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Sore Throat in Summer? Yin Chiao (Yin Qiao) to the rescue!

We tend to think of colds as a winter woe, but can you get a cold in summer?

Unfortunately, yes. “Summer colds” are similar to winter colds, but tend to have hotter, drier, and longer-lasting symptoms. Thankfully, Chinese medicine has a simple solution in time-tested Yin Qiao San.

Read on to learn more about summer colds and how you can prevent and manage them so you can enjoy a healthy, cold-free summer!

What is a Summer Cold?

Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating tricky and changeable conditions like the common cold. While Western medicine sees colds as a virus, Chinese medicine sees colds as a pattern of disharmony with varying characteristics.

One of the most important factors when diagnosing a cold in TCM is the temperature type of cold. Hot is typical in summer, while cold is naturally more common in winter (although there are some exceptions).

Symptoms of Summer Cold

Because of the increased heat and dryness in summer, a “summer cold” tends to have more hot-type symptoms.

  • Painful, burning sore throat
  • Thirst, dehydration
  • Fever
  • Skin rashes, dry skin
  • Thick mucus or chest congestion
  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Constipation 
  • Nose bleed 

Summer colds also tend to linger on, which makes nipping them in the bud all the more crucial! If you suspect you’re coming down with a summer cold, stay hydrated, avoid extreme temperature changes, and keep your handy Chinese herbal medicine on hand.

Summer Cold and Sore Throat Remedy: Yin Qiao San

When a summer cold has taken hold, you’ll need a fast-acting remedy to help you get back to enjoying all the activities of the summer season. Chinese medicine has just the thing: Yin Qiao San.

Yin Qiao San (also called yin chiao chieh tu pian) is a famous formula that those who use Chinese medicine always have on hand, ready to fight the slightest sign of a sore throat!

In TCM, Yin Qiao San is said to clear heat, dryness, wind, and “release the exterior.” In modern terms, this means to fight off the cold (sometimes via sweating) and restore the body to a healthy balance. It is based on two key herbs: honeysuckle and forsythia. These two floral medicinals are cold, bitter, and anti-inflammatory.

The formula works to support the body’s fighting immune system, reduce fever, and soothe the classic summer cold symptoms – a painful sore throat and dry cough.

Which Yin Qiao San is Right for You?

Yin Qiao San is a classic formula with a few different variations. We carry a few of the most effective and trusted brands here at Best Chinese Medicines. Here’s how to choose the one that’s best for you:

Best Classic Summer Cold Relief: Plum Flower Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pian

Plum Flower’s version of the traditional capsule is a great all-around version of Yin Qiao San. It includes a few other helpful herbal ingredients to make the formula even more effective.

Best Budget Buy: Yin Chiao Tablet

This formula follows the simple, classic formulation and makes for a great product to have on hand for mild cases of a summer cold.

Best for Convenience and Ease: Yin Qiao Tang Tincture

A liquid tincture version of the classic formula makes for easy swallowing for those who don’t like to take pills, or if you’re battling a sore and scratchy throat.

No matter which version you choose, be sure to start taking your dose within 24-48 hours of the first signs of a cold (usually once you start to feel slight fatigue, fever, or scratch in your throat). This will help your body stay on top of the cold and keep your symptoms mild.

Fight Summer and Fall Sore Throats with Yin Qiao San

Coming down with a cold is never fun, no matter what season it is. In summer, the stress of getting sick can be particularly bothersome when you just want to be outside, enjoying the sunny weather.

To save your summer, stay prepared. If you find yourself with a dry cough, burning sore throat, and fever this summer, act quickly with a natural herbal remedy like Yin Qiao San.

Shop Yin Qiao San and other herbal solutions for the common cold today!

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