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Plum Flower – Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (Yin Qiao)

Plum Flower – Yin Qiao Tablets should be taken at the first signs of cold & flu in order to shorten the severity and duration of the symptoms.

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Pam Smith

Fabulous Product

I have been taking Yin Chiao for many, many years (almost 20). In all that time, I have NEVER had a cold, the Flu, a virus and I do NOT get shots (only Covid). All my friends are constantly getting sick, and I keep telling them all about Yin Chiao, but they don’t listen to me, and are sick all the time. I’m giving up on them, but I’m just going to continue to keep myself healthy. It’s also great when I’m traveling (I take them especially traveling on airplanes, or when I attend events with crowds. Seriously, I never get sick.


Eve G.

Better than anti-biotics

The Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien cleared up a sinus infection that 4 courses of antibiotics could not cure. I couldn’t find this in San Francisco for many years. I was so glad to find Best Chinese Medicines! The medicine came quickly and I’ve ordered 2 more, one for now and one for the next sinus emergency.

Schatzie Gibbons


Lisa Leibow

stops my colds from getting worse or even happening

Always take Yin Chiao right when I start to get sick and it either stops the cold from coming on or lessens the symptoms – love this product- been taking it for years!! Rarely if ever have a cold or flu.

Frequently purchased with Plum Flower – Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (Yin Qiao)

Bottle of 100 tablets of herbal dietary supplement, net weight 1 ounce, or 28.5 grams. Text is written in english and chinese.
This product: Plum Flower – Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (Yin Qiao)

Bottle of 600 tablets of herbal dietary supplement, net weight 6.03 ounces, or 171 grams. Text is written in english and chinese.


Convenient blister packs of 96 tablets of herbal dietary supplement, net weight 1.93 ounces, or 54 grams. English and chinese text.


Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


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What is Plum Flower – Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (Yin Qiao)

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien, also known as Yin Chiao or Yin Qiao is one of the best known Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas for cold and flu.

Take this remedy as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold or flu coming on. Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien is recommended for those with cold, flu, fever, and cough.*

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien may be used for the following:

  • Fever
  • Common cold and flu
  • Headache
  • Thirst
  • Cough
  • Throat pain

Plum Flower Brand Herbs by Mayway

  • No pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars
  • Unsulfured, preservative-free herbs
  • Blended, then extracted for optimal efficacy in strict accordance with Chinese herbal medical tradition
  • Microbial and heavy-metal tested
  • Produced at an internationally certified GMP factory

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