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Spleen and Spleen (Chi)Qi in Chinese Medicine

What do we mean by the Spleen: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the energetic organ system responsible for what we in modern times call “digestion” is the Spleen. This is not to be confused with the Western medical definition of the spleen as the organ that, among other things, makes antibodies, removes old red blood cells & breaks down

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Dampness in Chinese Medicine: What it is and How to Fix it

Dampness in Chinese Medicine – What is it & How To Fix It

If you have read our blogs or visited an acupuncturist, you may have heard the term “dampness.” But what is dampness in Chinese Medicine, and what does it mean for your health? Dampness may sound like a strange concept, but it’s pretty simple. Read on to learn what dampness really is and how you can rid your body of dampness

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The HIstory of Tea in China | Best Chinese Medicines

The History of Tea in China

When you think of China, do images of buzzing cities, the Great Wall, vast rice fields, silk shops, and dumplings fill your mind?  These are some of the most common things we associate with China. But what about tea? Tea is one of the most important aspects of Chinese culture, trade, and of course – medicine! Let’s learn more about

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All About Adaptogens and Chinese Medicine | Best Chinese Medicines

All About Adaptogens and Chinese Medicine

Adaptogens are one of the latest health crazes, promising less stress and improved well being. But are adaptogens all they’re made up to be?. Ongoing research is shedding light on how these power plants could help us become healthier and more resilient – despite the stressors of modern life.  Let’s learn more about these adaptogens and how you can experience

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Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine | Best Chinese Medicines

Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine

How Chinese Medicine treats dysfunction, disease, health and wellbeing is complementary to Western Medicine Even at a glance, Chinese Medicine is quite different from Western Medicine. Earthy herbs are favored over laboratory compounds, mind and body are considered one, and diet and lifestyle take center stage. Chinese Medicine is an ancient system developed thousands of years ago, whereas modern medicine

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Chinese Herbal Teas - A Complete Guide | Best Chinese Medicines

Chinese Herbal Teas – The Complete Guide

How is Chinese Tea Used in Chinese Herbal Medicine? On any given day, over 50% of Americans are expected to drink at least one cup of tea. From a warm cup in the morning to an afternoon pick-me-up, tea offers us a delicious treat and quiet ritual.  Both modern research and the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine point to the

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Chinese Herbal Liquid Extracts - A Complete Guide | Best Chinese Medicines

Chinese Herbal Liquid Extracts (Tinctures) – A Complete Guide

Pills, powders, and poultices, oh my! Chinese medicinal formulas come in many shapes and sizes – and even varied administration methods. Let’s learn a little more about one of our favorite ways to take our Chinese herbs: liquid extracts. Liquid extracts are a unique way to take herbal medicine. Tinctures are commonly used in Western herbalism and homeopathy. While there

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Treating Insomnia with Chinese Herbal Medicine | Best Chinese Medicines

Calm Shen – Treating Insomnia with Chinese Herbal Medicine

CALM SHEN (category): In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shen refers to the spirit or the mind and has a multiplicity of connotations, to include: consciousness, vitality, awareness, mental function, and presence. The Shen (considered to be a physical substance—the most rarified form of Qi) resides in the Heart and blood vessels and is nourished directly by the Blood. Healthy Shen can

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