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Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

Yunnan Baiyao is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that humans have used for hundreds of years. Recently, veterinarians and owners have begun seeing the many health benefits of Yunnan Baiyao in treating dogs. This herb can be given orally or applied topically and is safe for dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses.

What Does Yunnan Baiyao Do For Dogs?

Yunnan Baiyao is an all-natural herb that has powerful healing properties. In fact, Yunnan Baiyao, like many Chinese herbal remedies, isn’t comprised of just one healing herb, but many. The exact ingredients of the blend are a closely guarded secret, but the ingredients include various yam roots, ox gall bladder, pseudo ginseng, and sweet geranium.

The most common use for Yunnan Baiyao is for dogs with bleeding issues. Research has suggested that Yunnan Baiyao encourages blood clotting by acting on platelets, which are the tiny cells that are used to form clots and scabs.

This herb may be beneficial after surgery, for dogs with clotting disorders, after injuries, and for dogs with bleeding cancerous tumors.

Interestingly, while the primary use of Yunnan Baiyao is to aid in blood clotting, the herb has also been shown to promote healing blood flow to areas of injury.

This unique property has many benefits for sick and injured dogs and can significantly reduce the time required to heal from injuries while protecting them from excessive bleeding. In 2014 Yunnan Baiyao was also investigated for its anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties and found to be effective for both.

Where Can I Buy Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs

When purchasing medications for your pet, it is essential to get them from a trusted source.  Counterfeit, improperly manufactured, or mislabeled products can be dangerous.  Look for a reputable seller with transparent sourcing.


At Best Chinese Medicines we use only the highest quality Chinese Yunnan Baiyao for dogs and guarantee all our products.  We also have an easy, hassle-free, 30-day return policy. You can feel safe and assured that you are getting the best Chinese herbal remedies for your pet.

How Much Yunnan Baiyao Should I Give My Dog?

Yunnan Baiyao typically comes in 25mg capsules and is dosed according to the dog’s weight. Typically, dogs are given a 25mg capsule per 20 pounds of body weight, two to three times a day.

The dosing frequency following the initial dose will be determined based on the dog’s disease condition and response to the treatment. Most courses of treatment with Yunnan Baiyao last for approximately 15 days, and the capsules are given for five days, then stopped for five days, then given again. Long-term use of Yunnan Baiyao is not recommended and has been reported to elevate liver enzymes.


Yunnan Baiyao is also available in a powdered form that can be applied topically to wounds. The powdered form of Yunnan Baiyao can aid in controlling bleeding from the wound and promote and speed healing.  The powdered form may also be placed into empty gelatin capsules for smaller doses or mixed into food for pets that are averse to swallowing capsules.

Side Effects of Yunnan Baiyao in Dogs

Chinese herbs are both amazingly powerful but also all-natural and generally safe. This combination of safety and effectiveness is what draws many to the wonders of Chinese medicine. However, as with any medication, it is always best to consult a veterinarian for proper dosing and to make sure there are no contraindications or reasons that a particular pet should not be given a specific herb.

Yunnan Baiyao in dogs is very well tolerated, and there are no known side effects. A 2017 study of Yunnan Baiyao in dogs showed no adverse effects in the study participants, even when they had doses up to four times higher than traditional doses administered to them. However, caution should be used in very young, pregnant, and nursing animals. Please contact your veterinarian to ask if Yunnan Baiyao is appropriate for your dog and its condition.

Yunnan Baiyao is a powerful Chinese herb blend that has proven effectiveness in aiding in blood clotting and also increasing healing blood flow to areas of injury. Research has also shown that Yunnan Baiyao can have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer properties in dogs.  This herb blend is most often given to dogs orally in capsules but can also be applied topically. Regardless of the method of administration, Yunnan Baiyao is very well tolerated and has no documented side effects.

Best Chinese Medicines is your trusted source for all chinese medicine and supplements, delivering high-quality products directly to your door quickly and with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Are you going to purchase Yunnan Baiyao for your dog?

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