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The Intriguing History & Modern Day Healing Powers of Yunnan Baiyao

At Best Chinese Medicines, we are proud to offer the amazing Chinese medicinal, Yunnan Baiyao, to our customers. This formula has been popularized for several different uses over the years, and we are still finding ways that this formula can help both humans and animals.

Yunnan Baiyao has a particularly interesting story. The miracle cure of a provincial doctor swept a country and has now been used to promote healing all over the world.

Today, Yunnan Baiyao has been used in first-aid emergencies, bloody battles, and even in cancer-fighting hospitals. Practitioners are still finding potential uses for the medicinal and production has turned a simple powder into a diverse product-line.

The best way to become familiar with Yunnan Baiyao is to understand its history and background and apply these lessons to our modern-day illnesses.

The Origins of Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is a relatively new formula, considering the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While many formulas date back to 200-250 CE, Yunnan Baiyao originated in 1902 by a Chinese medicine doctor named Mr. Qu. Qu hailed from the Yunnan Province and was known for having experimented with hundreds of the herbs that come from that region. After many years of tinkering, Mr. Qu developed his “Qu Huanzhang Panacea” or “Yunnan Baiyao.”

Yunnan Baiyao was originally taken in powder form with the specific goal of stopping bleeding and promoting wound healing. Curiously, the herbs in Yunnan Baiyao have the ability to increase blood flow to promote this rapid healing, while simultaneously preventing excessive bleeding and blood loss.

The focus of Yunnan Baiyao’s magic was injury and wounds. It could speed the healing of bruises, sprains, and dermatological issues like pustules. Others applied it topically to areas like the back or knees to help relieve pain from backache or joint pains.

The widespread use of Yunnan Baiyao grew and its ability was tested internally; the powder was later deemed successful for issues like tuberculosis, gastric and intestinal bleeding, heavy uterine bleeding, and internal cranial bleeding.

While Yunnan Baiyao became well-known as new medicinal, this powder truly rose to fame after playing an important part in the Taierzhuang Battle of 1938. This battle was fought between Chinese and Japanese forces during the Second Sino-Japanese War, at a time where the Chinese forces had been nearly wiped-out and completely deflated. Shanghai and Nanjing had recently fallen to Japanese invasion and morale was down – but the Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek refused surrender.

Mr. Qu, our inventive doctor, strategically donated over 30,000 bottles of his miraculous powder to the Chinese army during this battle. Wounded soldiers were able to take this power and increase their likelihood of surviving until they received medical care, saving thousands of lives. The Chinese went on to win this battle and revived their morale to continue fighting.

Later on, in 1940, the famous army commander Wu Xuexian also made Yunnan Baiyao famous. After a deadly injury to his right leg, the officer sought the advice of both the hospital doctors and Mr. Qu. When amputation seemed the only plausible cure, Mr. Wu instead took Yunnan Baiyao from Mr. Qu and recovered fully, without the need for amputation.

Mr. Qu eventually donated the recipe for his panacea powder to the government and mass production began. Yunnan Baiyao would be made widely available throughout China, and later, the world. These days, Yunnan Baiyao is manufactured with high quality standards and can be found powder, capsule, tincture, aerosol, and plaster forms.

Yunnan Baiyao in Action

Yunnan Baiyao is one of the world’s most prized medicinal formulas. In fact, the formulation is so prized that its exact ingredients are kept secret even from most manufacturing workers. Despite its secretive nature, this formula has helped countless humans, cats, dogs, and horses make remarkable recoveries with long-term illness and in emergency situations.

Wound Healing and First Aid

Yunnan Baiyao is perhaps most famous for its ability to speed up the wound healing process. It does this by increasing healthy circulation through an injured area, while also preventing excessive bleeding. The platelet-enhancing effects of the herbs used in Yunnan Baiyao are believed to be the reason behind this formula’s amazing blood-staunching and healing abilities.

Pain Conditions

Yunnan Baiyao can be a wonderful analgesic for issues like back pain, arthritis, sprains, and general injuries. For these issues, you can make the powder into a paste and apply to the painful area or use a Yunnan Baiyao plaster. The formula helps to relive muscle pain, improve circulation, enhance the health of muscle and connective tissue, and relax the nervous system.

Internal Bleeding

Bleeding disorders such as excessive menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, hemorrhaging, gastric bleeding, pulmonary bleeding, and other instances of internal bleeding can be improved with Yunnan Baiyao. If you plan to take Yunnan Baiyao internally, first consult your acupuncturist/herbalist, and physician.

Pet Care

Interestingly, Yunnan Baiyao has a fantastic track record with helping people heal their pets. A common use for Yunnan Baiyao is to extend the life and comfort of dogs with bleeding cancers such as hemangiosarcoma. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments may increase internal bleeding and the addition of Yunnan Baiyao helps to maintain the effects of the chemotherapy, while supporting the dog’s blood-clotting ability and prevent excessive bleeds.

**Please consult your pet’s veterinarian to determine the best plan of action with your pet’s unique needs.

As you can see, Yunnan Baiyao makes an excellent addition to anyone’s home first-aid kit. From wound-healing to pain, the formula offers pain relief and a quick-acting response to emergencies.

Although Yunnan Baiyao may be considered a panacea, like all medicinals it should be taken with care and consideration. Discuss your interest in Yunnan Baiyao with your acupuncturist or physician.

Best Chinese Medicine’s Trusted Yunnan Baiyao Products


The Yunnan Baiyao Capsules are one of the most popular ways to take Yunnan Baiyao in modern days. These capsules are appropriate for both humans and animals. Dosing for dogs depends on size and condition. To learn more about using Yunnan Baiyao with dogs suffering from cancer, listen here.


For more external issues, such as muscular or joint pain, the Yunnan Baiyao plasters are your best bet. These plasters can be cut to size or use in entirety. Place over areas of swelling, bruising, pain, or immobility up to twice daily.


Yunnan Baiyao Powder is the original formulation of this medicinal. Sprinkle the powder over wounds to stop the bleeding and expedite the healing process. The powder can be taken internally with doctor or herbalist supervision.

Interestingly, this form is commonly used as a pre-race treatment for racehorses. If your horse experiences EIPH or Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage, you may consider using Yunnan Baiyao powder to decrease the bleeding and improve their clotting ability. Read here to learn more about using Yunnan Baiyao with horses.

Has Yunnan Baiyao helped you or someone you love?  Please leave a comment below.

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