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Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian) – by Lao Wei

Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian) supports immune health and helps arrest cough when first catching a cold/getting sick.


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  • Bottle of 60 tablets, 500 milligrams each, english and chinese text.
    This product: Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian) - by Lao Wei
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Herbal Ingredients found in Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian):

Dosage Instructions for Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian):

As a dietary supplement, take 4 tables 2 times a day with warm water.

Do not use while pregnant

Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian) – by Lao Wei:

Mulberry Leaf Combo (San Ju Gian Mao Pian) – by Lao Wei is a Chinese herbal formula designed to strengthen the immune system and stop cough. Take it at the first signs of catching a cold (same as Yin Qiao) when the predominant symptom is coughing.

Other info about this formula: It contains many of the same heat clearing and “release exterior” herbs as Yin Qiao and is therefore is most effeective in the early stages of cold and flu. Additionally, the herbs Sang ye (white mulberry leaf), Lu gen (reed rhizome/phragmites), and Jie geng (platycodon root) all go to the Lung to arrest cough.



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