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Plum Flower - Ban Lan Gen Tablets - Nan Ban Lan Gen Pian

Plum Flower – Ban Lan Gen Pian is an anti-viral formula commonly used to address the common cold & flu (as well as other more complex and serious presentations involving viral infections).

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Plum Flower - Ban LAn Gen Tablets | Ban Lan Gen Pian | Mayway | Best Chinese Medicines + bai he gu jin wan lan zhou foci brand
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Product Description

What is Ban Lan Gen Tablets (Isatis Root):

Ban Lan Gen is the famous Isatis Root Extract, the function of which is to clear heat and remove toxins from the body, is arguably the most popular antiviral herb used in Chinese Herbal Medicine common cold formulas. This particular formula being sold here combines Ban Lan Gen (aka isatis root or Dyer’s woad root/leaf) with two other potent anti-viral herbs from the Chinese medica (Asian dandelion root and viola herb) to address a wide variety of presentations caused by viral infections, including the common cold, fevers, and other infections of the nose, throat, and sinuses (upper respiratory tract infections).

Take Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root) for the following:

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Works for me...

Post Covid issues and chronic stuffy nose

I bought this product because I had some residual issues from Covid, the glands in my neck just hadn't gone down. I started taking this and it cleared the inflamed lymph nodes in my neck and it cleared my stuffy nose. I have never been able to breathe well through my nose and it was as clear as glass. I ran out and back came the stuffy nose! Buying more right now.