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Plum Flower - Fu Zi Li Zhong Teapills - (SPECIAL ORDER - Allow 10 - 14 Days to Ship)

Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan addresses chronic digestive difficulties with such symptoms as poor digestion, cold cramping, and loose, watery stools.

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Product Description

What is Plum Flower – Fu Zi Li Zhong Teapills:

Plum Flower – Fu Zi Li Zhong Teapills is a classical Chinese Medicine formula (c. 1080) that addresses chronic digestive complaints that present with such symptoms as: poor digestion, gastroenteritis, loose stools/undigested food in the stools, fatigue, and cold cramping in the abdomen. More severe symptoms indicating the use of this formula include vomiting, explosive diarrhea (watery and relative non-smelly), and severe abdominal cramping and pain.

Clinical Notes: This formula is for use with Spleen yang deficiency leading to accumulated cold in the middle jiao. Chronic digestive disorders of this nature will present with the symptoms discussed above and be aggravated by the consumption of cold and raw foods (which require lots of Spleen qi to properly digest). Cold abdominal cramping is an effect of the lack of the warming, yang energy and will be helped by the application of heat.


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