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Plum Flower - Ma Zi Ren

Plum Flower – Ma Zi Ren addresses chronic constipation (especially in the elderly) marked by heat, dryness, and stagnation in which stools that do pass are hard and dry.

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Product Description

What is Plum Flower – Ma Zi Ren?

Plum Flower – Ma Zi Ren is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula designed for those with habitual constipation marked by stagnation, heat, and dryness. In practical terms, this translates into cases of chronic constipation in which the stools that do pass are very dry and firm. The formula works by generating fluids and moistening the intestines; this makes it useful for elderly persons who get constipated often and would benefit from treatment with an emollient (stool-softener). It also can be used to address IBS* and colitis* when used appropriately in conjunction with a trained TCM practitioner.

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Sherry Latora
Constipation is Gone

My chronic constipation is finally under control. No more bloated painful stomach and over stressed bowel movements. I love this stuff, easy to swallow, and works naturally.