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Plum Flower – Wu Ling Wan (Teapills)

Plum Flower – Wu Ling Wan addresses water accumulation in the limbs, joints, internal organs, and digestive tract.

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More Information about Plum Flower – Wu Ling Wan (Teapills)

Dosage Instructions for Plum Flower: Wu Ling Wan:

Take 8 teapills, 3x/day (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner).

Amount: 200 teapills per bottle

Use with caution during pregnancy.

Plum Flower Brand Herbs by Mayway:

  • No pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars
  • Unsulfured, preservative-free herbs
  • Blended, then extracted for optimal efficacy in strict accordance with Chinese herbal medical tradition
  • Microbial and heavy-metal tested
  • Produced at an internationally certified GMP factory

What is Plum Flower – Wu Ling Wan (Teapills):

Plum Flower – Wu Ling Wan is a classical Chinese Medicine formula that treats accumulations of water in the limbs, joints, organs, and digestive tract when the water cycle has been disturbed. It has a diuretic effect that may be used to “dispel dampness” in cases of edema, ascites, and watery diarrhea and may also be applied to situations of water accumulation due to kidney or heart disease (to include congestive heart failure, nephritis, and abdominal ascites due to liver cirrhosis).

This formula is also useful for treating wind-damp bi syndrome (heaviness in the limbs due to poor water metabolism).

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