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Sanshedan Chuanbei Ye – Wu Yang Brand

San She Dan Chuan Bei Liquid (aka Three Snake Gallbladder Chuanbei Liquid) addresses dry cough, wheezing, and dry sore throat.


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Sanshedan Chuanbei Ye (aka Three Snake Gallbladder Chuanbei Liquid) is an herbal supplement suitable for symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath, acute and chronic bronchitis, colds with weak, dry coughs, and colds with dry/itchy/”sandy” sore throat.

Directions for Sanshedan Chuanbei Ye:

This supplement comes in liquid form. Adults take one bottle (10ml) at a time, children are instructed to take half of a bottle (manufacturer recommendations).

Amount: six 10 ml. bottles per box

Herbal Ingredients in Sanshedan Chuanbei Ye:

Snake gall, fritillary seed, almond, cane sugar, distilled water.

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Wendy You


I got my Chinese medicine a few days after I placed the order . It is the right brands. Thankful that I can buy them online. It is hard to find them.