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Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan - Digestinex Extract - Kingsway (KGS) Brand

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan is indicated for poor appetite and poor digestion w/abdominal bloating and cramping. Loose, watery stools and possibly nausea and/or vomiting may also be present.

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Product Description

What is Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan:

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan is a classical Chinese medicine formula (c. late 17th century) used to address poor appetite and poor digestion combined with abdominal bloating and loose stools. It also helps quell nausea and vomiting. In a modern clinical setting, it can also be useful for addressing Crohn’s Disease, chronic diarrhea (watery and non-smelly), chronic gastritis, and other presentations involving intestinal inflammation (that are rooted in deficiency).

Clinical Notes: This formula tonifies Spleen qi, transforms and moves damp, warms and harmonizes the middle, and directs rebellious Stomach qi back in a downward direction. It takes Liu Zun Zi Tang as its base and adds Sha Ren to aid in descending Stomach qi and is excellent for general use as a Spleen qi tonic (w/accumulated phlegm) when warming the middle is called for.

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