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Boost Your Energy with Chinese Herbal Medicine

How many times a day do you look forward to your next cup of coffee, an energy drink, a nap, or even just to make it home so you can land in your bed? We are an energy-depleted society with busy schedules, poor sleep habits, and little time for proper rest. Furthermore, certain medications, environmental factors, and health history can contribute to low levels of energy. These tendencies often lead to burn out and that constant search for more energy, alertness, and focus.

It’s no wonder why we crave our beloved energy fixes. When your energy is high, you are more productive, more active, have a stronger immune system, and enjoy better sleep and more balanced emotions. Artificial sources of energy, however, don’t provide all these benefits. Caffeine and stimulants can leave you restless and no more rested than you were before.

The best way to address your energy – reap all these amazing benefits – is the natural way. Chinese herbal medicine can get to the root of your low energy and help to rebuild your natural resources and the body’s ability to make its own energy. Below we have the top energy-boosting herbal products for a variety of low-energy scenarios. Read on to find the one that suits your situation the best

How Chinese Medicine Boosts Energy

How we create and use our energy can have a big impact on our state of alertness, physical energy, and overall wellbeing. Chinese medicine considers several organ systems to be important in maintain our energy. We will take a closer look at the Stomach, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney systems to understand how we can best boost our vital energy.

Fuel from Food and Air

Just as in biomedicine, Chinese medicine acknowledges that we receive a great deal of our energy from nutrition. The foods that we eat provide us with nutrients and energy needed for all our body processes. In Chinese medicine, the Stomach organ and system is responsible for taking in food and controlling the appetite. It is then the Spleen’s job to transform the quality energy (Qi) from these foods into energy our bodies can use.

Now, the Lungs come into play. The quality essence from our food is then compounded with the quality essence from the air that we breathe. Together, this creates Qi, our vital energy. Qi activates us, moves us, and keeps our minds sharp and stable.

Energy Savings Bank: The Kidney

Along with the daily intake of food and air, we rely upon our deep energy stores in the Kidneys and the “dan tian”, or energy center, to maintain our energy levels. When we are born, we receive a certain amount of essential energy. This is determined by the health of our parents, our genetics, our gestational health, and our general constitution.

Low Energy = Low Qi

Most often, when we feel tired, worn-out, fatigued, or drained, it is because we have used too much qi, or our bodies are not producing enough to keep feeling bright. We are in a qi deficit. Injuries, illness, poor nutrition, childbirth, chronic stress, imbalanced emotions, and a variety of other issues could cause us to lose qi and feel weak and tired. In any case, we need to boost qi to boost energy.

Top Herbal Formulas to Boost Energy

Along with lifestyle changes and proper nutrition, herbal formulas can greatly increase your body’s ability to make and use qi. Different herbal formulas are better for different situations, so read on to find the formulas that best address your specific energy needs.

Energy for When You’re Burnt Out: Build and Strengthen

Sometimes fatigue and low energy completely take over your quality of life. You may have noticed this after a difficult illness, a long-standing stressful situation or major life-change, or just as a symptom of getting older. Some people are born with a propensity to low energy. They may be slow moving, heavy sleepers, and find even small exertions of energy can take a lot out of them. In Chinese medicine, we call this a vacuous or deficient constitution.

A fantastic, yet simple herbal formula for when you’re run down or if you have a qi deficient constitution is the classical Si Jun Zi Tang. This is a four-herb formula that enhances your body’s ability to make qi, and therefore gain energy.

There are a few variations of Si Jun Zi Wan that might be an even better match for you. Consider Liu Jun Zi Wan (a six-herb combination) if you suffer from digestive issues as well. If nausea and or poor appetite is also a concern, try Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan.

Do you feel fatigued even when you get plenty of sleep? You might need to boost both your qi and blood. The perfect formula for this is Gui Pi Tang, which supplements qi and blood while helping the body increase its own qi and blood production. This formula is particularly useful if you also experience depression, palpitations, dream-disturbed sleep or insomnia, or poor digestion.

Energy for When You’re Stressed: Take Control

Stress is major cause of fatigue and brain fog. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and “out of it,” it might have something to do with your current stressors. Stress is best attacked with a multi-pronged approach: fuel with nutritious food, exercise a few times a week, meditate or sit in silence for 10 minutes a day, and supplement with a stressbusting, energy-boosting herbal formula.

The go-to formula for many stress-related issues is Xiao Yao Wan. This formula addresses the root causes of our physical symptoms. Fatigue might be your biggest concern, but your body’s response to stress is the root. Stress can cause our qi to become sluggish or blocked. It can prevent proper qi and blood formation. It can shunt energy from our internal organs to our muscles (fight or flight response) leading to muscular tension and deficient organ systems. To fix this, we need to smooth the flow of qi, release tension, and encourage increased qi production.

Xiao Yao Wan works by relaxing the body and mind, allowing the proper flow of qi and blood to reach all organ systems, including the brain. This not only eases the stress that’s causing fatigue, but helps the body to increase its qi production – more natural energy!

Energy for Athletes: Stay on Top

As either a professional athlete, amateur, or fitness enthusiast, you’ll want to be able to train and perform your best day after day. Living an active life means extra wear and tear on the body, high intensity training, and eventually physical and mental fatigue. To keep up with your best self, use natural products to maintain your energy, stamina, and immunity.

Cordyceps is well-known in the athletic world for its use by Chinese Olympians in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. What seems like a new energy fad is actually an age-old Chinese herbal medicinal fungus – one that has been used to invigorate qi and boost stamina for hundreds of years. Cordyceps is known to increase the production of ATP and send that energy to our muscles. It improves our body’s efficiency in using oxygen and boosts the immune system.

Our Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M supplements come in both capsule and powder form so you can best integrate them into your daily lifestyle. Take cordyceps regularly to enhance your performance and recovery.

Energy for New Moms: Restore and Lift

The postpartum phase is one of the most important times in your life to pay close attention to energy reserves. After labor and delivery, your body has spent a great amount of qi and likely lost a lot a blood (whether you had a vaginal delivery or C-section). Your hormones are finding their balance, your sleep patterns are disrupted, breastfeeding requires a huge amount of energy, and you have a brand-new baby to take care of. Take the time for a little self-care with herbal medicine.

Our choice for new moms in the post-partum period is Shen Qi Wu Wei Zi Wan. This formula is the perfect supplement for new moms dealing with postpartum fatigue or even those who simply want to tonify their qi and blood post-delivery.

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan is another formula that can be affective for moms who are experiencing prolapse after delivery, sinking feelings in their abdomen, loose stools, or continued bleeding.

Energy for Students: Boost Your Brain

Students often face years and years of academic and social pressures. Over time, late nights, parties, intense studying, and the intense desire to succeed can wear on the physical and emotional body.

Bu Nao Wan is designed to help restore qi and improve cognitive function. If you are a student or anyone who has experienced mental fatigue and brain fog due to excessive work, poor sleep habits, and heavy thinking, this formula can help increase mental alertness and prevent feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. Because this formula works to enhance the function of the brain, heart, and kidneys, it can also have a beneficial effect on memory, concentration, focus, and emotional health.

Regain Your Energy with Chinese Medicine

Herbal medicine is the best way to regain your strength, vitality, and energy. Unlike artificial stimulants that simply make you feel more energetic temporarily, Chinese medicine actually tonifies and enhances your body’s ability to create its own energy stores. Fixing the root of the problem will help you feel rested, energetic, and balanced every single day. What a way to boost energy!

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