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Bu Nao Wan – Authentic Solstice Medicine

Bu Nao Wan contains a combination of various herbs that are believed to have brain-nourishing, calming, and cognitive-enhancing effects. This formula is often used to address imbalances related to the brain and mind, with the aim of promoting mental clarity and well-being. Amount: 300 Teapills per bottle.

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Michael C Jones


Yes it seems to work very well for the first time ina long time.


pdx points

Old + Different Ingredients than Classical Formula

These tabs seemed old. They did not have an immediate effect as I am used to experiencing with the Herbal Times version of this formula. Note: this formula does not contain Shi Chuang Pu and contains Long Gu, so it is not the classical version of the formula; this may be the reason for my different experience with them.



Good supplement, calming and efficient

I have taken this medicine for a while now and I find it very helpful for my perimenopause symptoms.

Frequently purchased with Bu Nao Wan – Authentic Solstice Medicine

Bottle of 300 cerebral tonic pills, dietary supplement, with english and chinese text.
This product: Bu Nao Wan – Authentic Solstice Medicine

Box of 16 yunnan baiyao capsules, with chinese and english text.


Eyedropper-top tincture bottle containing 1 fluid ounce (30 milliliters) of Gynostemma Leaf (Penta) Jiao Gu Lan by root + spring.


Box 100 pills, 350 mg each. Net weight 1.23 ounces, or 35 grams. Product of china, GMP stamp.


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What is Bu Nao Wan?

This natural herbal supplement support greater mental alertness when you are feeling fatigued or drowsy. It helps you to stay more mentally sharp and can improve feelings of restlessness. Bu Nao Wan also provide support for the health of your inner ear and brain.

Benefits of Bu Nao Wan

Bu Nao Wan is believed to provide support for better mental concentration and memory. It also can help to improve uneasiness, insomnia and restlessness. This herbal supplement also is believed to provide support for proper heart, kidney, and brain function so that you feel more focused and energetic.

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