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Solstice Medicines – Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan contains a combination of various herbs that have digestive-regulating, Qi-moving, and stomach-warming effects. This formula is often used to promote healthy digestion, alleviate symptoms of indigestion, and address abdominal discomfort. Amount: 200 Teapills per bottle.

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Frequently purchased with Solstice Medicines – Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan

Bottle of 200 herbal supplement extract pills. Text is written in english and chinese.
This product: Solstice Medicines – Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan

Box of 200 pills, 160 milligrams each, of concentrated dietary herbal supplement, with english and chinese text.


Yellow and red box of five yunnan baiyao pain patches, also called pain plasters. English and chinese text.


Box of 50 tabs of dietary supplement, sugar-free coating by KGS. Net weight 0.53 ounce, 15 grams.


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What is Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan is a trusted Chinese Herbal Medicine formula that helps to reduce upset stomach and bloating. It also provides support for the health of your spleen and overall gastrointestinal system.

Use Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan with the following conditions:

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