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Chinese Herbal Tea – Dried Ginger and Palm Coconut “Beat the Bloat” – by root + spring

Dried Ginger & Palm Coconut “Beat the Bloat” Herbal Tea is one of our house blends formulated to reduce bloating and replenish body fluids.


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Resealable pouch of root and spring tea that promotes healthy digestion.
This product: Chinese Herbal Tea – Dried Ginger and Palm Coconut “Beat the Bloat” – by root + spring

Box of 20 tea bags, 100% natural herbal supplement, naturally caffeine free, non-GMO project verified. Net weight 1.06 ounces, or 30 grams.


image of plant sprig, twenty teabags, net weight 40g


Bottle of oil, net weight 1 fluid ounce, or 30 milliliters. Text is written in chinese and english.


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Dried Ginger & Palm Coconut “Beat the Bloat” Herbal Tea:

Dried Ginger & Palm Coconut “Beat the Bloat” Herbal Tea is a easy, fresh herbal tea blend made of whole dried ginger, palm coconut, dried Asian pear, sweet and bitter almonds, solomon’s seal and honey dates. Packed with live medicinal properties, this herbal tisane supports digestion, debloats the belly and flushes out toxins. With a mild herbal taste, a little sweetness and some spice, this mix makes the perfect light coconut drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Its benefits in terms of Chinese medicine: Invigorates qi, warms the middle, and replenishes fluids.

Which concerns is the classic herbal mix good for:

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Persistent thirst
  • Dehydration
  • Dry Skin


Note: Our Chinese herbal teas are considered food as medicine, far different from teabags. The herbs are to be slow simmered for the vitamins, antioxidant properties, and minerals to extract. This product will make an entire pitcher and should be enjoyed daily for a week to see effects.

Herbal Ingredients

  • Dried Ginger (Gan Jiang) – Dried ginger root has long been hailed as an important tonic for a stagnant stomach. In addition, it is good at alleviating symptoms of lethargy, nausea and mental alertness.
  • Palm Coconut (Ye Zi) – Besides aiding in digestion, coconuts contain a ton of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as plenty of electrolytes to help rehydrate the body.
  • Dried Asian Pear (Ya Li) – The health benefits of Asian pears are plentiful. They can increase the body’s yin fluid and clear heat, cooling the body. These effects particularly relate to the lung and stomach organs and meridians.
  • Bitter Almonds (Bei Xing Ren) – These aren’t true almonds, but the kernels of several varieties of apricot that are grown specifically for their seeds. They cannot be eaten raw but are used specifically in Chinese medicine and, after boiled, release biochemicals that clear and nourish the lungs and intestines.
  • Sweet Almonds (Nan Xing Ren) – Sweet almonds are larger and functionally quite similar to the western almonds we commonly find in markets. Sweet almonds are tastier, and can help brighten and moisturize the skin and hair.
  • Solomon’s Seal (Yu Zhu) – Solomon’s seal contains Vitamin A and is believed to be moisturizing, therefore an excellent Chinese herb for use in weather where skin tends to become very dry.
  • Dried Honey Dates (Mut Cho) – Also known as golden-thread amber honey dates, they are larger and sweeter (as sweet as honey) than dried red dates and are high in iron and considered “cooling”.

Brewing Instructions:

Are included. Just a 2 minute prep time!

For maximum shelf life, please store in a cool, dry place (refrigerator’s bottom shelf is okay).

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