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Chinese Herbal Teas – The Complete Guide

How is Chinese Tea Used in Chinese Herbal Medicine?

On any given day, over 50% of Americans are expected to drink at least one cup of tea. From a warm cup in the morning to an afternoon pick-me-up, tea offers us a delicious treat and quiet ritual.

Both modern research and the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine point to the fact that tea drinking is not just a great way to relax – it’s a smart way to stay healthy, too.

Let’s learn more about how a simple cup of herbal tea can help your reach your biggest health goals.

The History and Use of Chinese Herbal Tea in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tea’s history began in ancient China, where it was originally seen as a medicinal beverage. The legendary herbal master Shennong is believed to be the first one to ever try tea leaves (as well as the majority of the herbs in the Chinese Materia Medica).

Tea was used only as a medicinal drink until the sixth century when new types of tea were developed based on preparations and herbs were added for flavor. From here on, tea drinking became the popular pastime we now enjoy.

In the West today, tea is largely considered a daily beverage and less of a medicinal brew. But, Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to use tea as an aspect of both Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese dietary therapy. Teas are commonly prescribed to treat disease, manage health, and promote longevity.

Is Chinese Herbal Tea Made with Tea Leaves?

Chinese herbal tea is made with a vast range of healing herbs, roots, spices, flowers, and more. Just as these herbs are used in Chinese herbal formulas, these and other herbs are blended into teas for daily drinking.

In some cases, tea leaves are also used in Chinese herbal tea infusions. Certain teas, like green tea and Pu-erh tea, have amazing health benefits that boost the benefits of the herbal ingredients. Many teas are also high in antioxidants, vitamins, and other compounds that strengthen our health and resilience.

What Health Conditions Can Chinese Tea Be Used For?

Tea is an integral part of many healing traditions, include Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. The range of herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine makes it possible for a wide range of health conditions to be managed with teas.

In general, teas are slightly less potent than traditional decoctions, granules, or pills. With this in mind, they are the perfect daily addition to other herbal formulas for even quicker relief. Teas are also an amazing preventative medicine. They offer a gentle health boost and can help in maintaining your overall physical and mental health.

Stress Relief

What could be more relaxing than a quiet moment with a cup of warm tea? Tea has offered us a respite from our hectic days for centuries. While there is much to be said about the stress-relieving benefits of the simple act of sipping tea, tea itself may help us reduce stress.

Many Chinese herbs can naturally reduce stress by balancing our cortisol levels. Some herbs have the power to soothe the mind and release anxiety. Others can help release our muscles and melt our pent-up tension. When brewed as a tea and taken daily, the benefits of these herbs build over time.

Stress relief, like many other health concerns, is best addressed with a well-rounded approach. By combining stress-busting teas with mindfulness, meditation, exercise, sleep, and other habits, we can get a better handle on our stress now and in the future.

Best Chinese Medicine Recommendations for Stress Relief Tea

Triple Stress Relief: The Triple Stress Relief blend offers both mental and physical release from the tension of chronic stress. This herbal tea helps to soothe the mind, improve resilience, and reduce the negative impact of stress on the body.

Weight Gain

Has all the pandemic bread-baking and Netflix-binging led to an extra few pounds around the middle? If so, you’re not alone. Many Americans are complaining about their new “Quarantine Fifteen” – 15 extra pounds, that is.

Sustainable weight loss requires a commitment to new habits. Along with healthy eating, exercise, stress relief, and hormone balance, Chinese herbal teas are a helpful daily habit for losing those extra pounds.

Many Chinese herbs and tea varieties are helpful in detoxing the digestive system, increasing the metabolism, and managing cravings. Many include green tea, which is known to increase weight loss.

There’s even better news – the health benefits of herbal teas go far beyond the ingredients. Tea drinking has long been a simple habit that has been shown to relieve stress and improve mindfulness. A daily tea ritual can help you balance the stress hormones that lead to weight gain, be more mindful of cravings and true hunger, and manage the mental and emotional issues that often contribute to weight gain.

Best Chinese Medicine Recommendations for Weight Loss Teas

Dieter’s Slimming: Our most popular weight loss tea, Dieter’s Slimming is a natural blend of herbs and medicinals that improve weight loss efforts. This tea is the perfect companion to any weight loss program and helps to maintain a healthy weight and metabolism.

Sugar Level: Sugar Level uses mulberry leaf and other medicinals to maintain health sugar levels in the urine and blood.

Detox Master: Detox Master uses specialized Chinese herbs that help to cleanse the body’s digestive system and restore gut health.

General Health Maintenance

Like Chinese herbal formulas, Chinese herbal teas can be used for a wide range of health conditions. Because herbal teas are gentle and can be enjoyed daily, they are a simple way to protect and prevent ourselves against aging, illness, and disease.

Best Chinese Medicine Recommendations for Health Boosting Teas

Immune Health: A strong immune system is more important now than ever before. Keep your immune system fighting with a daily cup of immunity-boosting tea.

Sleep Health: Quality sleep is necessary for true health. This sleep-promoting tea not only helps you fall asleep with ease but helps ensure a full night’s rest.

Hair Regrowth: While this tea blend promises to improve the look, feel, and health of the hair, it is also a general tonic. The herbs help to support and maintain the main organs of aging in Chinese medicine (the Kidney and Liver).

Bravo Tea: Shop Best Chinese Medicine’s Trusted Tea Brand

Whether in a capsule or a tea bag, Best Chinese Medicine knows how powerful herbs can be. Along with our extensive range of herbal formulas, pills, powders, and topicals, we proudly offer the Bravo Tea collection.

From memory support to menopause relief, allergies to arthritis, Bravo Teas has a tea for you. How might your health transform with a daily tea ritual? Shop our collection of Bravo Teas today!

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