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Chinese herbal teas are a simple way to improve your health on a daily basis, simply by relaxing with a cup of warm tea. The herbal teas available at Best Chinese Medicine are made from the highest-quality Chinese herbs and sustainable practices from our partners at Bravo Tea. Learn more about Chinese medicine, the power of tea, and why we love the products from Bravo Tea.  

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Chinese Medicine and Herbal Teas

Chinese herbal medicine is deeply rooted in the healing effects of tea. From cherished tea ceremonies to the cultivation of unique tea blends and medicinal herbs, tea is one of the cornerstones of Traditional Chinese medicine and herbalism in general.

Before the widespread use of pills and supplements, Chinese herbalists brewed medicinal plants or minerals into a “decoction.” These decoctions were drunk by patients throughout the day to help them heal from their illnesses.

Many of the herbal formulas we enjoy in pill or tablet form today were originally used as decoctions. While we now enjoy the ease of taking our herbal medicine on the go, tea remains one of the best ways to relax and heal the body from the inside out.

Why Choose Bravo Teas?

Tea should not only be reserved for enjoying a moment of relaxation – it can have profoundly powerful healing effects when used regularly. Unfortunately, the process of decocting herbal formulas can be messy and time-consuming. Bravo Teas, however, has made enjoying an herbal infusion easy and, well, actually enjoyable.

At Best Chinese Medicine, we love the mission and behind the products at Bravo Tea. Understanding the beauty and power of medicinal herbs, the Bravo family business set out to help make herbal teas a household item. In doing so, they are helping to support generations of holistic farmers and maintain this herbal heritage around the world.

Not only is Bravo helping to bridge the gap between Chinese medicine and the West, they are also committed to providing the highest levels of quality possible while maintaining sustainable business practices.

Bravo Teas Available at Best Chinese Medicine

Because medicinal teas are incredibly versatile, we offer a wide range of Bravo Teas to support almost any health condition:

Teas for Digestive Health:

Gastro-Comfort, Sugar Level, Dieter’s Slimming, Colon Cleansing, Detox Master, Cholesterol Health

Teas for Vitality and Energy:

Energy & Stamina, Blood Pressure, Blood Circulation, Kidney Strong, Reishi Liver Health, Triple Joint Relief

Teas for Respiratory and Immune Support:

Lung Soother, Daily Immunity, Aller-Ease, ByeCough

Teas Formulated for Women and Men:

Male Vitality, Menopause Comfort, Prostate Health

Teas for Brain Health:

Sleep Better, Triple Stress Relief

Teas for Healthy Eyes, Skin and Hair:

Healthy Eyes, Clear & Smooth Skin, Hair Regrowth

Shop our Collection of Quality Bravo Chinese Herbal Teas

Sipping herbal teas daily is one of the best ways to support the body and prevent disease. Thankfully, Bravo Teas has a diverse range of teas to suit anyone, whether you are managing an illness or simply trying to stay in tip top shape. Shop our large collection of Bravo Teas to find the right tea for you and your wellness goals.