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Magic 6 Potent Men’s Tea

Magic 6 Potent Men’s Tea boosts Kidney Yang and is an excellent choice to help build libido and sexual potency/stamina in men.


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Magic 6 Potent Men’s Tea:

Magic 6 Potent Men’s Tea is made from 100% natural herbs that nourish Kidney energy, which is the organ system in Chinese Medicine considered responsible for libido and sexual vitality. Drink this tea and over time it will help slowly build reserves of Kidney yin and yang… which over time will build sexual desire and potency. This tea will also help to build base energy levels and vitality (in a more general sense) and can be a great tonic for those who are a bit constitutionally weak or recovering from an illness, chemotherapy, difficult pregnancy etc…

Suggested usage:
– Simply pour a cup of boiling water over tea bag and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes before drinking
– Sweeten to taste

Amount: Size 2.54 oz, 24 teabags per box

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