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Chinese Medicine Basics for Urinary and Reproductive Health

The statistics about urinary and sexual health care is staggering. Approximately half of men and a third of women experience sexual dysfunction over the age of 40. Urinary tract infections are the second most common infection in the body for men and women. Incontinence affects nearly 12.2 million people in the US every year.

Yet, few people know about the healing resources that Chinese medicine offers to combat these issues. Chinese medicine addresses the root of these urinary and sexual disorders, which often lies with an imbalance in the Kidney, Bladder, and/or Liver systems.

The Traditional Chinese Medical system is largely based on the energetic principle of “qi.” Qi is a life-giving force in the body and can be likened to energy. One of qi’s main functions is to hold. A lack or weakness in qi can make it difficult to hold the bladder or to achieve or maintain an erection. Qi deficiency also leads to other problems (like dampness, described below) that can worsen the condition.

Dampness is a term that is specific to Chinese medicine, but it refers to the very common accumulations in the body that we know as swelling, edema, phlegm, mucus, pus, and adipose tissue (fat). Dampness has a tendency to settle and cause problems in the lower parts of the body, especially near the bladder and reproductive organs.

The body requires a delicate temperature balance to work at its best. When heat builds up, it can affect the bladder and reproductive organs. This leads to hot or painful urination, urgency, incontinence, inflammation, and dysfunction.

Stagnation causes the body’s systems to falter, just as traffic on a road leads to build-ups and transportation issues. In the urinary and reproductive systems, stagnation can cause sexual dysfunction, inflammation, and pain.

Major Organ Systems Relationship to Urinary and Sexual Health:

The Liver is one of the main organ systems involved with the reproductive organs in both men and women. A weak, stagnant, or distressed Liver system can lead to erectile dysfunction, uterine fibroids, UTIs, and more.

The Kidney is the root of reproductive potential and vitality. It also works closely with the Urinary Bladder (its paired organ) to regulate urination and detoxification. Weakness or deficiency in the Kidney’s qi, yin, or yang is often the root cause of urinary and sexual issues.

Common Urinary and Sexual Function Treatments in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine can offer effective treatment solutions to help improve the urinary disorders or enhance sexual function. Acupuncture is useful in reducing heat, building energy, and rebalancing the body. Diet can play a big part in combatting urinary issues, especially recurrent UTIs. Many Chinese medicine practitioners recommend reducing foods that cause inflammation, dampness, and irritation (foods that are spicy, fried, dairy, or heavy) and replacing with cooling, nourishing foods. Qigong can be a useful exercise for increasing the body’s strength and improving Kidney health.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Urinary and Sexual Function

From calming urinary tract infections to enhancing sexual vitality and libido, there are specialized Chinese herbal supplements for all urinary and sexual conditions. Herbal formulas tend to fall in one of two categories: clearing or supporting. For clearing formulas, herbs are used to clear away excess heat, dampness, and blockages that are causing infection, pain, or dysfunction. Supporting formulas are focused on supplementing a weak root, usually a deficient Kidney system, low energy, or poor blood quality.

Qian Lie Xian Wan (aka Kai Kit Pills): This formula clears the dampness, heat, and stagnation from the lower jiao that causes the inflammation responsible for severe discomfort and pain (with symptoms that include painful & burning urination, pain & discomfort in the testes and can even include painful ejaculation).

Clinician’s Note: Different manufacturers use very different formulations for Kai Kit. Compare the ingredients in the product linked above with Plum Flower’s version of Kai Kit

Ba Zheng Wan (Eight Righteous Teapills): This formula also clears damp heat stagnation to address burning. painful dysuria (potentially from UTI’s), inflammation of the prostate, and acute bladder and kidney infections. Note that any infection is a potentially serious condition and we recommend consulting with a doctor when dealing with these symptomatic presentations.

Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan: This formula strengthens the Kidney to address impotence, male infertility, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, frequent urination, and nighttime dribbling of urine.

Kidney Strong Tea

This is a nice alternative to teapills for those who want to use TCM herbs to help maintain healthy kidney functions and urine metabolism.

Special Chinese Herbs for Urinary Disorders and Sexual Function

The following are important herbs used in our popular formulas for urinary issues or sexual dysfunction.

Pu gong ying/ dandelion: Pu gong ying, or dandelion, is commonly known in both Chinese and Western herbology as a fantastic herb for releasing heat, inflammation, and pain from the urinary tract. It is often used in formulas to treat painful urination and UTIs.

Shu di huang/ Rehmannia radix: Shu di huang is a go-to Kidney tonic and can be used either raw or cooked to support either Kidney yin or yang. This herb is used in formulas that work to improve the body’s core vitality to improve urinary and sexual health.

Dong chong xia cao/ Cordyceps: Known for its energy-boosting properties, the cordyceps fungus is a popular treatment for performance enhancement, weakness, and sexual dysfunction.

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