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Strong Man Bao - Qiang Li Nan Bao

Take your performance in the bedroom to new levels. Strong Man Bao’s blend of invigorating herbs provides natural male enhancement, boosts sex drive, heightens pleasure and helps you deliver your best performance, everytime.

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Product Description

Strong Man Bao – Qiang Li Nan Bao

Take your performance in the bedroom to new levels with this herbal home Chinese medicine formula for natural male enhancement! Strong Man Bao’s blend of invigorating herbs boosts your sexual drive, heightens pleasure and helps you deliver your best performance every time.

This bold male tonic restores Kidney Yang deficiency which is tied to male reproductive health in them Chinese Herbal Medicine system.

Imagine an all natural male performance enhancer that doesn’t involve unhealthy pharmaceutical drugs or expensive and dubious male supplements. Strong Man Bao lets you harness and unleash that inner capacity for maximum male virility & vigor. Experience improved staying power and intimacy with your partner like you haven?t in ages!

Treats Conditions Including:

  • Impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Failure to obtain an erection
  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Low back pain

Incredible Benefits Include:

  • Fuller, harder erections
  • Easier to achieve erections
  • Increase sexual desire & arousal
  • Improved pleasure
  • Longer staying power
  • Heightened sexual performance & climax
  • Closer intimacy with your partner

Traditional Chinese Medicine Function

  • Restore Kidney Yang deficiency
  • Replenishes Kidney qi
  • Nourishes blood

Kidney function is tied to the elemental quality Water of the Five Phases.

Join the millions of people achieving balance and reinvigorating their health through the ancient wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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Reviews From Our Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
David Kurtz

Not stiff enough

Venkateshwaran Krishnan
Great company

The website was explanatory and easy to navigate. The product arrived on time, as described and safe.

Wendy McDowell
Love it

It's great to have an alternative that is natural.

Michael church

A friend gave me a sample a couple years ago. Couldnt remember the name til seeing packaging.looking forward to getting my own.( and so is my fiancee.

Strong Man Bao Gotta Give it Some Time

I really cannot comment on this herbal formula just right now as I only started taking it last week. Herb medicine takes time to work, so I am going to give it 3-4 months to see if there are noticeable improvements. Ingredients are great ... theoretically for a Chinese yang tonic.