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3 Steps to a Better Bedroom Performance with Chinese Herbal Medicine 

One of the best things about being strong, healthy, and young is having a great sex life. As we age, however, performance in the bedroom gets a little more complicated.

Issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low libido are common and frustrating issues for millions of men around the world. While some just accept it as a fact of life, others are determined to find solutions that help them continue to stay active in the bedroom.

While there is no shortage of pharmaceuticals or supplements on the market to help “cure” these issues, none of them address the root causes like Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese medicine offers a natural, safe, discrete, and powerful way to restore your virility and vitality to its maximum potential. Read on to learn our 3 steps to a better sex life!

Chinese Medicine’s 3-Secret Approach to a Better Sex Life

Issues like erectile dysfunction and low libido are no news to Chinese medicine. This system of healing has been treating these issues for thousands of years – and all without the use of gimmicky products.

Chinese herbal medicine works to boost male sexual health by addressing the root causes at play. In most cases these are:

  • A lack of Kidney yin (the nourishing aspect of the body that supports your sexual vitality)
  • A lack of Kidney yang (the “fire” that stimulates your sex drive and allows you to perform)
  • An imbalance in Kidney yin and yang
  • Stress, confidence issues, and overwork

With these issues as our focus, the plan of action is simple: tackle each issue with a strategic, targeted formula and enjoy the benefits!

Step 1: Stoke Your Fire with Jin Gui (Kui) Shen Qi Wan (Golden Book Tea Pills)

To address low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or other common men’s health complaints, it is necessary to balance yin and yang. Both Kidney yin and Kidney yang must be strong for a healthy sex life.

The formula Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is a classic formula with a wide range of uses. While it is focused on building yang in those who are deficient, it is famous for enhancing and balancing both Kidney yin and Kidney yang.

For men who are unhappy with their bedroom performance, Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan helps to boost libido and desire, improve erectile dysfunction, and reignite your sexual power.

Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan’s purpose is to help you…

  • Establish a healthy yin and yang balance
  • Reignite your sexual power
  • Boost libido and desire
  • Achieve and maintain an erection naturally
  • Regain your spark and vitality
  • Relieve associated symptoms of yang deficiency such as incontinence, frequent urination, swelling, weak or sore low back, cold hands and feet, and fatigue.

Step 2: Restore Sexual Support with Zuo Gui Wan (Left Side Replenishing)

Zuo Gui Wan is a classic formula with a wide range of uses. It addresses a key aspect of reproductive health, fertility, and libido: the Kidney yin.

As we age, our yin and yang naturally diminish. When Kidney yin is reduced, we can start to experience the common signs of aging, like greying of the hair or hair loss, forgetfulness, tinnitus or loss of hearing, dry skin and mouth, and, frustratingly, dwindling sexual function.

For men, this can result in poor sperm quality, prostate issues, changes in libido, premature ejaculation, and other issues. Kidney yin deficiency can also cause issues that indirectly affect sexual desire, such as insomnia, stress, dizziness, irritability, and urinary issues.

Zuo Gui Wan’s purpose is to help you…

  • Restore supportive yin for a healthier sex life
  • Reduce any signs of early aging or diminishing Kidney system functioning
  • Improve the health and quality of the sperm 
  • Relieve associated symptoms of yin deficiency such as hair loss, hearing loss, dryness, dizziness, and sleep issues

Step 3: Rise to the Occasion with Strong Man Bao (Qiang Li Nan Bao)

Strong Man Bao is a classic formula that can be used to boost bedroom performance and strengthen your natural sex drive and libido.

Strong Man Bao works by replenishing your energy from the root. For many men, issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation are simply the result of overwork, high stress, and a lifestyle that drains you rather than builds you up. The potent herbs in Strong Man Bao are thus considered tonics. They work to restore and replenish your natural male virility.

The effects of Strong Man Bao mostly boost the health and vitality of the Kidney system, especially Kidney yang. As we learned above, a balance of both yin and yang are required for reproductive health and a rewarding sex life. When yang becomes deficient (often through lifestyle, age, or illness), the body’s “fire” and ability to “rise” to the occasion suffers. We feel sluggish, lethargic, cold, and uninterested.

Strong Man Bao’s purpose is to help you…

  • Be more confident in the bedroom
  • Achieve an erection faster and maintain it longer
  • Perform better and enjoy sex more
  • Overcome premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • Feel more intimate with your partner
  • Relieve associated issues like fatigue, lethargy, and low back pain

Bonus Step: Take Action at Home

While Chinese medicine can work wonders to boost your libido and performance, it works best with the help of a few simple habits. Stress, overwork, and poor lifestyle habits are also major contributors to sexual dysfunction. Exercise, get adequate rest, limit alcohol, and practice stress relief techniques to ensure your body and mind are primed and ready when the moment strikes.

Fight Low Libido and ED with Best Chinese Medicines

These three simple herbal formulas are simple, yet powerful ways to unlock your sexual health and enjoy the sex life you deserve at any age. Boost your bedroom performance with Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3, or shop our other men’s health formulas here!

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