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The Best Chinese Herbs for Hormone Balance

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that control everything from our appetite to our fertility. Unfortunately, keeping the delicate balance required to stay healthy isn’t always easy.

If you’ve tried everything to keep your hormones balanced with no luck, you may be wondering if Chinese herbs for hormone balance could help you.

Chinese herbs for hormone balance have been used for thousands of years to help people like you overcome a wide range of hormone issues. Read on to find out more about how Chinese herbs are used to correct hormone imbalances and relieve symptoms like hot flashes, infertility, low sex drive, and more.

What is Hormone Balance?

To understand what hormone imbalances are, we have to first understand what healthy hormone balance looks like.

To put it simply, when our hormones are in sync, we feel good. Our skin is clear, we maintain a healthy weight, we are energized, and we are easily able to focus. All our organ systems (like the endocrine system and the reproductive system) function properly and in tune with one another.

Unfortunately, achieving this harmonious balance can be difficult. There is no shortage of things that sabotage our health and lead to hormonal imbalances, including medications, high stress, junk food, lack of exercise, and poor sleep.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances

Treatment for Hormone Imbalances

Treatments for hormone imbalances are similar for men and women. The most common Western medicine treatment for hormone imbalances is medication. With hormone replacement therapy, you can take medications that contain either male or female hormones to balance out the symptoms of hormone imbalances.

For women, these medications contain synthetic estrogen or other hormones. For men, hormone replacement therapy medications contain synthetic testosterone.

While these medications replicate the functions of sex hormones in the body, they don’t treat the root of hormone imbalances. Once you stop taking the medication, your hormones will fall back out of balance and your symptoms will likely return.

For those who want a drug-free way to balance their hormones, Chinese medicine can help.

Chinese Medicine and Hormone Imbalances

In Chinese medicine, hormone balances are treated differently. Instead of replacing your hormones, Chinese herbs for hormone balance encourage the body to continue making the right amount of hormones so you get back to balance naturally. They can also manage the hormone levels that your body produces, so you settle into a new, healthy balance after a big transition (such as postpartum or in menopause).

Chinese medicine also takes an individualized approach to hormone balance. Different herbal formulas or acupuncture points will be used to balance out different types of hormone imbalances and the accompanying symptoms.

TCM Patterns of Hormone Imbalances

There are a few different patterns in Chinese medicine that explain what leads to hormone imbalance:

  • Yin Deficiency
    Yin deficiency type hormone imbalances are most often seen in peri-menopause. At this time, a woman’s yin hormone, estrogen, fluctuates and declines rapidly. Without cooling yin to balance hot yang, symptoms like hot flashes, sweating, dryness, anxiety, acne, and insomnia arise.
  • Yang Deficiency
    Men who experience “Low-T” or low testosterone often fall under the pattern of yang deficiency in TCM. The yang, male hormone testosterone is too low, and men develop issues such as low sex drive, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and feelings of coldness.
  • Dampness
    Dampness is usually a secondary factor that makes pre-existing hormone imbalances worse. Dampness clouds, obstructs, and blocks things in the body. As a result, the body’s endocrine system and reproductive system can’t function properly. This pattern is often involved in hormone imbalances related to issues such as PCOS or hypothyroid disorder. 

Herbal Treatment for Hormone Imbalance: The Best Herbs to Balance Hormones

Thankfully, both acupuncture and Chinese herbs for hormone balance can help reverse these and other patterns and bring the body back to its naturally healthy state. Herbs like dong quai (dang gui) are well known for balancing female hormones, while herbs like goji berry and wild yam help support the body in making and processing hormones.

Here are some of the most commonly used Chinese herbs for hormone balance:

Best Herbs for Female Hormone Balance

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a popular formula for women who are struggling with yin deficiency symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and dryness around menopause. The herbs in this formula work to balance yin and yang, while significantly nourishing yin to relieve symptoms of heat. This formula is especially helpful if you struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or irritability as well as hormone imbalances.

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

This formula is often used for gynecological problems like endometriosis, PCOS, irregular periods, bloating, or infertility. It works by improving blood flow in the abdomen, which could be blocked due to dampness or stagnation. The herbs in this formula also regulate hormones by balancing yin and yang.

Best Herbs to Balance Hormones After Birth Control

Xiao Yao San

After being on birth control for many years, your body may struggle to find its own hormone balance again. In this case, it’s best to start taking a general balancing formula like Xiao Yao San. This formula is neutral, which means it is appropriate for a wide range of hormone imbalances and symptoms. 

Best Herbs for Male Hormone Balance

Zuo Gui Wan

Zuo Gui Wan is a formula dedicated to increasing Kidney yang energy in the body. In TCM, the male hormone testosterone is considered yang. Due to illness, stress, or age, yang (and therefore testosterone) can diminish and leave men feeling fatigued with low sex drive. This formula helps restore the Kidney’s fire and balance male hormones. 

Best Tea for Hormone Balance

Menopause Comfort Tea

This is the best tea for women’s hormones, especially if you are in your perimenopausal phase. Using herbs like dong quai and goji berry leaf, Menopause Comfort Tea helps restore your yin balance to alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Male Vitality Tea

For men who need an extra “spark,” Male Vitality Tea can help. This Chinese herbal tea for hormone balance ignites your yang energy to support male hormones and help you revive your energy and vigor.

Balance Your Hormones Naturally with Chinese Herbs for Hormone Balance

Getting your hormones under control can feel like an uphill battle. With Chinese herbs for hormone balance, however, you are able to work with your body so you can more easily fall into a healthy balance – and maintain it – without relying on hormone replacement medications.

Start your healthy hormone journey now with Chinese herbs for female hormone balance or Chinese herbs for male hormone balance today!

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