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Men’s Health

Natural Remedies for Men’s Health 

Chinese medicine offers solutions for many health concerns with a natural and simple-to-use approach. With the use of targeted or preventative herbal supplements, men can enjoy a long and active life free from the discomfort of urinary issues, cardiovascular conditions, and pain.

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Chinese Medicine Basics & Men’s Health

When it comes to treating men’s health conditions, Chinese medicine takes the entire body into consideration. In many cases there is an underlying imbalance that leads to illness, stress, or pain. To combat these issues, herbal formulas bring the body back into balance and encourage the body’s own healing processes.

As men age, issues like back pain, knee pain, arthritis, and other pain conditions are common. This can be the result of years of poor posture, overuse, an athletic past, or chronic stress. Chinese medicine works to nourish the tissues and joints to prevent pain and heal the body.

Chronic Stress and Fatigue
Stress is commonplace in our society, but it has a few frightening health implications. Chronic stress can lead to heart conditions, depression, sleep disorders, and more.

Urinary and Reproductive Issues
Men and women have unique concerns when it comes to genitourinary health. Men are susceptible to conditions like prostate issues, impotence, nocturnal emissions, and nighttime urination.

Early Aging and Hearing Loss
It is normal for hearing to diminish as we age, but if you’re suffering from early hearing loss, tinnitus, or premature graying, Chinese herbal medicine can help.

Major Organ Systems in Chinese Medicine & Men’s Health:

The Kidney is the main organ system involved with urinary disorders, ear health and hearing, premature aging, and back and knee pain. Chinese medicine works to support the weakened Kidney system and return balance.

Because of the Liver’s core involvement in managing stress, it is often addressed in men’s health concerns. Liver health can also affect the eyes, tendons and ligaments, and genitals.

Common Men’s Health Treatments in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has a variety of treatment options for improving men’s health. From genitourinary disorders to hearing loss, many conditions are treated with a combination of acupuncture, herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Men’s Health

There are several herbal products that are formulated specifically for men. These typically work to enhance the function of the Kidney system to improve overall health and vitality while addressing the specific health concern.

Sprays, lotions, and formulas specifically used to enhance and maintain erections/bolster sexual performance and enjoyment:

Pure Peruvian Maca– by LM Herbs: This product is powdered black maca root, often referred to as “Peruvian ginseng” (because of its stimulating properties). Black maca root is said to promote well-being and immune functions for men and has recently seen a rise in popularity for its libido-enhancing properties.

Qiang Li Nan Bao (Strong Man Bao): This is a Kidney yang tonic specifically formulated to increase libido and sexual energy. It does not, however, produce an immediate erection (like the other products below in this category); rather it builds libido/sexual energy over time. These are pills taken orally.

Indian God Lotion: Spray-lotion containing extract of cnidium fruit (She Chuang Zi) combined with with fragrances and aromatic oils used to promote blood flow to the genitalia and address premature ejaculation.

Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution (spray applicator): Use topically on the male organ to stimulate pleasure and longevity/virility.

Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution (China Brush): Similar to the product above, with a slightly different herbal formulation and a brush applicator (instead of a spray applicator).

Royal Dragon Men’s Fragrance Spray: spray-on product made by the Suifan Medicine Company (makers of the Kwang Tze Solution China Brush).  One or two sprays to the penis (apply sparingly!) will promote and enhance erections.

Formulas generally supporting the Kidney:

This group of formulas supports Kidney (yang) energy more generally:

Huan Shao Tan Tang: This is a liquid tincture that addresses Kidney yang and blood deficiency with such symptoms as: fatigue, shortness of breath, weakened knees/lower back, and urinary incontinence. Useful as a longevity tonic as well.

Author’s note: I really like this formulation and sincerely recommend it a general tonic to address chronic deficiency of Kidney Essence and Blood.

Ba Ji Yin Tang (Morinda Combination): Addresses symptoms such as low libido, frequent urination, lower back pain and impotence by tonifying and balancing the yin and yang of the energetic Kidney.

Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (Golden Book): Classical TCM formula addressing deficiency of Kidney yang with such symptoms as lower back soreness, fatigue, frequent nighttime urination, and feeling cold/cold hands and feet. Available as tincture.

Zuo Gui Wan (Right-side teapills): This formula supports Kidney energy by tonifying Kidney qi and yang. It addresses a wide variety of concerns such as sore lumbar, urinary dysregulation, water retention, etc… (but is not a “sexual tonic” as such).

Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan (Five Ancestors): Addresses impotence, male infertility, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, frequent urination, and nighttime dribbling of urine due to Kidney deficiency.

Formulas specifically addressing prostate and urinary issues (dysuria with heat):

Qian Lie Xie Wan: Designed to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and pressure associated with urination when the prostate gland is enlarged.

Kai Kit Pills: addresses chronically swollen prostate with mild and/or residual infection and secondary symptoms such as urinary dribbling, urinary retention, difficulty initiating a stream, and/or burning sensations upon urination.

Clinician’s note: Kai Kit is a patent medicine and each brand has a different formulation (which is why we carry multiple brands).

Ba Zheng San Wan (aka Eight Treasures, Eight Righteous, Eight Corrections etc..): Classical TCM formula to address pain and swelling in the urinary tract by clearing heat-toxins and benefiting the movement of urine. Addresses acute and chronic bladder infections with dark, scanty, smelly, and/or painful urination and can be used in the early stages help to prevent bladder infections from reaching the kidneys.

Clinician’s note/Safety concern: acute infection of the urinary tract is a serious matter– pain & symptoms lasting 24 – 36 hours, and/or pain radiating around to the lower back indicates possible kidney infection for which Western antibiotic treatment may be appropriate.

Special Herbs for Men’s Health

The following are important herbs used in our popular formulas for men’s health conditions:

Shu di huang/ Rehmannia root (prepared): Shu di huang is a deep black root that is known for strongly tonifying the Kidney. This helps to improve urinary issues, sleep issues, and prevent premature aging.

Wang bu liu xing/ Vaccaria seeds: Wang bu liu xing is a tiny seed known for improving prostate and urinary health. It is the main ingredient in formulas that treat issues like enlarged prostate.

Shan zha/ Hawthorn fruit: Shan zha is dried hawthorn fruit. Most known for its beneficial effect on the Heart, it also enters the Kidney channel where, due to its astringent quality, helps the body to retain Essence (or Jing). For this reason it is often added to formulas that support the Kidney.

Ba ji tian/ Morinda root: A milder Kidney yang tonic used in formulas that strengthen the Kidney in a more general, balanced way.

Herbs that specifically tonify Kidney yang to address sexual function concerns:

She Chuang Zi/ cnidium seed: Warms the Kidney and tonifies yang to address impotence and infertility in men and women

Yin yang huo/ Horny goat weed: Tonifies Kidney yang and strengthens the libido. In men it is used to address Kidney yang deficiency that presents with sexual disorders such as impotence, lack of sexual desire, incomplete erection, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, and low sperm count.

Xian mao/ Curculigo: Strongly warms the Kidney and tonifies yang to address urinary incontinence, polyuria, and impotence in men

Suo yang/ Cynomorium: Tonifies Kidney yang (and to a milder extent augments jing (essence) and builds blood).  Commonly used to address male impotence.

Shop our Collection of Chinese Herbal Formulas that Support Men’s Health

Whether you are battling a men’s health condition or simply hoping to stay strong for years to come, Chinese medicine offers a range of products to reach your health goals. Shop our collection of Chinese herbal formulas dedicated to men’s health.

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