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Plum Flower - Ba Ji Yin Yang (Morinda Combination)

Plum Flower – Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan addresses symptoms such as low libido, frequent urination, lower back pain and impotence by tonifying and balancing the yin and yang of the energetic Kidney.

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Product Description

What is Ba Ji Yin Yang (Morinda Combination)

Ba Ji Yin Yang, or Morinda Teapills is a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula that is designed to restore balance to yin and yang of the body. It does so by warming Kidney Yang and and Life Gate Fire (ming mien) while simultaneously preserving the Kidney yin (i.e. the cooling and nourishing fluids necessary to keeping that fire in check). It is specifically indicated when Kidney Yang deficiency leads to such clinical presentations as:
  • low libido
  • frequent night-time urination
  • lower back pain
  • impotence/erectile dysfunction
  • nocturnal emissions
  • vaginal fluid leakage


Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan can also be used to address mild respiratory disorders in which there is difficulty breathing upon inhalation (or just as a general Kidney tonic to slow the aging process and restore vital energy).

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