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Magic 5 – Inflammation Tea

Magic 5 Inflammation Tea aids in relieving inflammation. Improves the urinary system, reproductive system, and circulatory system. Amount: 24 Tea Bags.


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More Information

Herbal Ingredients:


* Ingredient panel does not specify root (Ban lan gen) or leaf (Da qing ye)

Directions for Use:

– Use 1 to 2 teabags per cup. Add boiling water to teabag. For severe cases, use two teabags each time.
– Dietetic restraint on greasy, sour and/or pungent food.

Amount: 24 teabags per box (72g)

What is Magic 5 – Inflammation Tea?

Fight inflammation with a cup of tea! Magic 5 Inflammation Aid Herbal Tea may aid in relieving inflammation and can help improve the health of the urinary system, the reproductive system, and the circulatory system. Magic 5 Inflammation Aid Herbal Tea is loaded with plant-derived compounds that rev up the immune system and may protect against certain diseases, including arthritis.

According to, studies have shown that tea have anti-inflammatory properties. In lab studies, Case Western Reserve University researchers in Cleveland showed EGCG (a substance in green tea) may halt arthritis progression by blocking interleukin-1, a pro-inflammatory cell, from damaging cartilage.


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Have a Question about Magic 5 – Inflammation Tea?