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High Strength Yin Qiao Tablets -Yang Cheng Brand

High Strength Yinqiao Tablets (Yin Chiao) contains a combination of herbs that have benefits for relieving symptoms such as sore throat, fever, headache, and body aches. Amount: 100 tablets per bottle.

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Hutch Mom

Yin Qiao holds off colds

Whenever I feel as though I’m coming down with a cold, even a slight achiness in my chest or sneezing, I take Yin Qiao and within a few hours whatever is coming on disappears. These are very useful herbs. I will not be without them in my arsenal during the winter!


John W

You're Nuts if you Don't Use Yin Qiao for Cold/Allergy Symptoms

I’ve been taking YQ for more than 30 years to keep from getting sick from colds and to significantly reduce the effects of my (pretty bad) pollen allergies. This brand, Yang Cheng, is consistently good and easy to take. Vitamin C/Echinacea concoctions simply don’t work. Zinc works, but it has uncomfortable side effects, and is NOT as effective as Yin Qiao. Grab several bottles ahead of the season, and the MOMENT you feel that tickle in your nose or back of your throat, start taking your Tin Qiao! It truly works.



Clear head

I have used the yin choi before from other stores. It’s great for sinus and stuffed up nose, or allergies. I use as needed but I know people who use it every day to prevent. I’m never disappointed with this product

Frequently purchased with High Strength Yin Qiao Tablets -Yang Cheng Brand

Bottle of 100 herbal supplement tablets, with english and chinese text.
This product: High Strength Yin Qiao Tablets -Yang Cheng Brand

Box of 120 cold season's support tablets, 250 milligrams each of natural herbal supplement from KGS.


Pack of six yellow boxes.


Amber bottle with chinese and english text containing 4 grams of yunnan baiyao powder.


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What is High Strength YinQiao Tablets (Yin Chiao)

YinQiao or Yin Chiao is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula to support the general well being of your body, this supplement also targets the health of the sinuses, stomach and bowels, as well as the respiratory, immune and nervous systems.

Supports the health of the respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, sinuses, stomach and bowels, and the general well-being of the body.

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