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Motherwort Syrup – by Golden Child

Chinese Motherwort Syrup contain Chinese Motherwort herb and helps with women’s health issues surrounding menstruation. Amount: 8.8oz. (250g).

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Package and bottle of motherwort syrup by Golden Child
This product: Motherwort Syrup – by Golden Child


Box of 100 tablets, 300 milligrams each, of herbal nutrient combination consisting of andrographis, dandelion, and isatis root.


Box of 90 dietary supplement pills, 300 milligrams each, by KGS, net weight 0.95 ounce, or 27 grams.


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What is Motherwort Syrup – by Golden Child:

The active ingredient of this syrup is Chinese Motherwort herb (Yi mu cao). Considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Chinese Medicine, it has a long tradition of use to address a variety gynecological concerns & maintain overall balance in the female reproductive system. Women can take one teaspoon (10g) of this syrup, twice a day to help maintain health, vitality, and balance.

DO NOT USE if pregnant.

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