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Plum Flower - Bai Xing Shi Gan Teapills

Plum Flower – Bai Xing Shi Gan Teapills addresses asthma and labored breathing that is aggravated by fever or pre-existing cough.

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Product Description

What is Plum Flower – Bai Xing Shi Gan Teapills:

Plum Flower – Bai Xing Shi Gan Teapills is a classical Chinese Medicine formula (c. 3rd century) formulated to relieve and calm asthmatic attacks that are triggered/aggravated by pathenogenic wind attacks (i.e. catching a cold or flu where there is a fever present). It also works well to relieve labored breathing and/or asthma attacks that occur in conjunction with a pre-existing cough w/fever or tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea, usually secondary to a nose or throat infection).

Clinical/practitioner notes: Shi Gao (medical grade fibrous gypsum) clears Lung heat, which re-regulates the ascending and descending functions of the Lung that have been disrupted (causing the labored breathing/asthma attack)  It does not, however, relieve the cough itself (strictly speaking). Xing Ren (apricot seed) is the herb that specifically descends rebellious Lung qi to stop cough. It also moistens the lung to preserve and protect potentially damaged Lung yin. Bai Qian (cynanchum rhizome) works to clear heat as well as to tonify Kidney yang to assist the Kidney to better grasp the breath and pull it into the body. Jie Geng (platycodon) is not an ingredient in the classical formula but might be a useful adjunct to address asthmatic attacks as one of its main actions is specifically to ventilate the Lung.


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