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Bai Mu Er

English Name: white woodear, snow ear mushroom, fruiting body of tremella

Pharmaceutical Name: Fructificatio Tremellae Fuciformis

Medica Category: Yin-Tonifying Herbs

Properties: Bai Mu Er enters the Lung and Stomach channels; it is sweet and bland in nature and neutral in temperature.

What is Bai Mu Er?:

The Chinese Herb Bai Mu Er is the fruiting body of a kind of off-white colored, gelatinous fungus that is common to the tropical regions of Asia (Tremella fuciformis Berk.). It is widely cultivated in China as a food that used in sweet dishes as well as for its medicinal properties (which are discussed in the section below).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Bai Mu Er:

Bai Mu Er tonifies yin, moistens the Lung, nourishes the Stomach, and generates body fluids. It is effective at addressing yin-deficient heat with emaciation and 5-center heat as well as various iterations of dry cough that are roots in Lung yin deficiency (e.g. consumptive cough).

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