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Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Postpartum Recovery - by root + spring

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Postpartum Recovery nourishes the body and helps restore balance for the first month postpartum.


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Product Description

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Postpartum Recovery:

root + spring’s  Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Postpartum Recovery is a house blend of raw Chinese Herbs that you prepare at home. Just add water and cook using one of three methods:

  • pressure cooker (takes about 20 minutes);
  • simmer on the stovetop for 1.5 – 2 hrs; or
  • slow cooker (5 – 24 hrs)

This particular soup blend is based on a popular and effective Chinese herbal formula for new mothers. Traditionally consumed by women right after delivery, this soup boosts the health of the uterus after birth, promotes good breast milk flow, and revitalizes Qi and blood. It is most effective when consumed during the week immediately following childbirth, up until one month has passed (at which point other herbal combinations should be used to maintain optimal gynecological balance/health).

During the first week after a birth, miscarriage, or the confinement period, it is vital for the women to pay close attention to the replenishment of nutrients for the body. Our Postpartum Recovery herbal mix plays a key part in helping postpartum women start their path to restoring their bodies to a healthy, sound state. We know the first month with a newborn isn’t easy – let us help you take care of you. All you need to do here is add chicken and water.

In Terms of Chinese Medicine: After giving birth, the body is deficient in both Qi and blood; and these deficiencies may allow wind to invade the body, causing postpartum cold and blood stasis– this herbal combination addresses these concerns. Additionally, Chuan Xiong and Tao Ren both act to move blood and break blood stasis. This helps the body release any placental fragments within the uterus, expel toxins, support discharge of lochia, contract and restore the expanded uterus, alleviate painful postpartum uterine contractions, transform blood stasis and generate new blood, and warm the meridians.

Do not consume this soup while pregnant.

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