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Chinese Herbal Soup Mix For Revitalization - by root + spring

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix For Revitalization nourishes and moistens the body to support restoration of the mind and revival of the spirit.


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Product Description

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix For Revitalization:

root + spring’s Chinese Herbal Soup Mix For Revitalization is a house blend of raw Chinese Herbs that you prepare at home. Just add water and cook using one of three methods:

  • pressure cooker (takes about 20 minutes);
  • simmer on the stovetop for 1.5 – 2 hrs; or
  • slow cooker (5 – 24 hrs)

This particular soup blend makes a delicious, nourishing soup with natural moisturizing and energizing properties that supports restoration of the mind and revival of the spirit. Featuring key ingredients crunchy Sea Coconut (Coco de Mer) and American Ginseng, this special tonic will naturally cool, rehydrate and revitalize the body.

In Terms of TCM: Rather than the warming, drier energy of Asian Ginseng, American Ginseng is a quenching, moisturizing tonic. In Chinese medicine, American Ginseng is used to benefit the vital essence or Qi, generate fluids and nourish Yin, and relieve pathogenic fire. As the old saying goes, “American ginseng is the ideal alternative to Asian ginseng when people need it but can’t handle its warming nature”. This mix is particularly delicious when made with pork bones.

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